You Should Wear Pajamas

Hi friends! How is everyone doing today!? Hopefully you have the day off, or at least a short day ahead of you?! I’ll be working today BUT I do get Monday off and today I’m working from home. *mini perks*. Then after work I’m finally getting this insane hair done. People have legitimately started calling me The Windy Brunette because my roots are so grown out.


*Ombre was cool at one point, right?*

Anyway. Today we’re going to talk about a SUPER important topic that requires some SERIOUS attention.

Are you guys ready????

Today’s we’re talking about pajamas.

Yes, that’s an outlet and a cable cord. Idk. #REALLIFE.

And I hope I didn’t just lose you because you really should be wearing them. Especially if you have trouble sleeping. But first I think I need to tell you about my serious LOVE for pajamas. They are one of my favorite things in the entire world. And they always have been. I’m serious. As a child, I remember pretty clearly having one bad public meltdown. I was at Target (shocker) and I wanted a pair of pajamas and I wasn’t allowed to get them.

Not kidding.

That’s how passionate I’ve always felt about them.

There’s something that’s just SO comforting about putting on PJ’s at the end of a long day. I literally wear them every single night. I feel like I could be on my own reality TV show called True Life: I’m a Pajama Addict.

I tend to rotate my pajama collection, but at any given time I probably own 6-8 pairs. And yes, I’m talking actual PAIRS of pajamas. Like matching sets. Nightgowns. Long sleeves. Sleeveless. Short sleeve button downs with matching shorts.

You may think this is extreme.

But I also happen to be a pretty good sleeper.

I mean – don’t get me wrong, I can’t sleep past 7 AM. (Again, this is a trait that has been true my entire life. You can ask Mumsy and/or Phaedra Hope). But I genuinely think this is because I fall asleep in less than a minute and sleep really freaking WELL.

Plus I have very specific rules about the bedroom. I never, ever work or blog on my bed. I just feel like my body starts to associate my bed with “working” and then when I lay down, I can’t calm down or get my mind to stop racing.

I think that association between sleeping and your environment is also true for your sleepwear. Ariana Huffington actually talked about this in her book (this is complete secondhand knowledge, BTW, Shauna Niequist talked about it in Present Over Perfect).

But it’s so true.

Your body associates your clothing with the type of activity you’re doing. So why is sleep any different?

Think about it.

That’s why offices have business-casual dress codes, even when you don’t see clients. When you’re dressed professionally, you tend to act more professionally, right?

And how many times have you been feeling super ehhhh about your workout, and then you put on your Lulu and think I can do this?!

It’s the same with sleep. If you go to bed every night in workout clothes, and you’re not sleeping well, your sleepwear might seriously be hindering your sleep patterns. Your mind is thinking it’s time to go work out while your body is trying to rest. It’s a confusing message. PJ’s are super important to get your mind prepped for some snoozing.

So. Have I convinced you to wear pajamas yet?!

I’m serious. I get nothing out of this except the feeling that I’ve helped y’all learn how to sleep a little better. Andddd possibly a small commission if you click on one of the links below for some cute PJs. Just bein’ honest.

But seriously. If you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep I really think you should at least try to wear them. Even if they’re $10 Target pajamas. Because those are the best.

You just need to wear pajamas.


So tell me… do you wear pajamas? Or do you wear quasi-pajamas (like oversized t-shirts and leggings)? Or do you sleep in your birthday suit? Have you learned any tricks that help you personally sleep better at night? Tell me everything! I will be back tomorrow (YES, AGAIN!) with a 30-day challenge that I’m going to try this January that surprisingly has NOTHING to do with Whole 30! Lol! See you then. Xo.



    1. Victoria’s Secret flannel are AMAZING. I have to try J.Crew though!! I definitely will! So glad you’re a fellow PJ addict 🙂 xo.

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