Whole 30 Stir-Fry

Hi friends!!! How is everyone doing today?! I had a super relaxing & fun weekend in Louisville, and I actually tried to heed my own advice and slow it down a little this weekend. It was so nice and I automatically felt like my mind was “reset.” Anytime I’m feeling a little off, going home or spending some time alone is the cure for me.

So anyway.

It’s time for me to introduce you to your new favorite recipe.

I’m serious.

It’s the easiest & tastiest one yet.

And look. I get it. I say every recipe is the easiest & tastiest I’ve ever done. But that’s because a) it’s totes true and b) this recipe LITERALLY takes it to the next level in both categories. I’m talking fool-proof. You don’t even have to use a knife. You just need 2 pans, a couple of ingredients, and about 15 minutes of time.

That. Is. It.

It’s insane.

And anyone who watched my chicken burger debacle unfold on my Instagram story (it’s still on @thewindyblonde right now – worth a peek) you’ll know how important it is to me for recipes to be fool-proof, so I don’t end up coughing up a lung due to black smoke inhalation.


But seriously it’s so good and filling and delicious you will feel like you’re cheating.

And sidenote – this is what I’m actually eating and taking to work every day this week, too. It heats up REALLY well. Y’all know I’m weird about microwaved meats and before I started on my Paleo-ish lifestyle I really didn’t even eat meat before dinner.

This changes the game.

Have I hyped it up enough yet?

You guys are probably like OK WE GET IT, IT’S GOOD, MOVE ALONG.

But I have to at least fill my post with something because the ingredients and instructions are so minimal that there’s not much else to say. Lol.

Ok FINE YOU GUYS I’ll get to it.


  • Ground chicken
  • Trader Joe’s Asian Vegetable Stir Fry blend (this part is KEY if you want this to be easy and/or not spend the entire day in the kitchen chopping veggies!!)
  • Coconut aminos (I use the Coconut Secret brand from Whole Foods)
  • Sesame oil (I know this is inconvenient but don’t buy the Trader Joe’s brand it’s not good! The Eden Selected brand from Whole Foods is worth it, I promise!)
  • Garlic powder
  • Red pepper flakes (optional for a little heat!)
  • Fresh ground pepper (also optional, I just love pepper)


  1. Pick out the baby corns from the veggie blend. Lol. #WHOLE30LIFE.
  2. Heat up some sesame oil at the bottom of two skillets over medium-high heat.
  3. Plop your veggies in one skillet and your ground chicken in the other.
  4. Season your veggies AND chicken with the same blend – coconut aminos, garlic powder, red pepper flakes (if desired!), ground pepper, and another dash of sesame oil. Don’t be shy with the seasonings!! I love mine super flavorful. Just keep in mind that the coconut aminos is a substitute for soy sauce, so if you don’t like salty things, don’t add a ton of this! Just use it as you would soy sauce.
  5. Stir the veggies and cover them and let them cook. Don’t stir!!! That’s how they get all brown & carmelized & delicious.
  6. Use a wooden spoon or other utensil to break up the ground chicken and continue cooking it until it breaks up like ground beef. Add your seasonings again – coconut aminos, garlic powder, and another dash of sesame oil. (Seriously.)
  7. Check your veggies so they don’t burn, stir them up!
  8. Let the chicken mixture cook on the pan until the water cooks out and the chicken starts to brown. Again, not stirring will help it get that nice carmelized color!
  9. Pour your chicken over your veggies & stir them together. I like to let mine sit in the pan for 1-2 minutes together after they’re stirred, taste test, and add any last-minute seasonings needed.
  10. Serve it up!

I like to throw mine in a few of my favorite glass bowls ever for lunches.

And then I put them in my new Scout bag & off I go!

So tell me… is this recipe something you would try? Do you think I hyped it up way too much? Do you have a favorite Whole 30 friendly recipe to share? Tell me everything!!

SIDENOTE: I know I mentioned this in my story but I LOVE getting reader suggestions!!! Let me know if you have an idea or if you’ve heard of a health or wellness trend that you are curious about!

I’ll be back Thursday with a new coffee talk! Until then. Xo.




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