Weekend Wrap-Up: Back to Louisville

Hi friends! How was everyone’s weekend?! Did you guys do anything fun? I actually went back home to Louisville, Kentucky for a friend’s wedding and it was seriously sooooo nice to be home and so great to see my friends. But you guys. Today (Sunday) I am seriously on crack.

I don’t know what it is.

I woke up at 7 AM to drive back. Decided halfway through that I was going to get home and re-organize my closet (idk, COFFEE). So I drove straight to Target, went HAM – I’m talking organizational drawers, the whole shebang – and then came home and cleaned like an absolute psychopath for FOUR HOURS.

Not kidding. Four. Hours.

Yes, like Warner and Elle Woods in the hot tub after winter formal.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever just have this moment where you’re like I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS and clean out EVERYTHING in your closet/drawers/fridge/pantry?

Maybe it’s just me.

Also – while I was adding clothes to my “donate” pile (which ended up being five trashbags full of clothes – I wasn’t kidding – psycho) I realized that everything I was donating was either super colorful or printed.

I said to Ben “Do you see a pattern here?”

He goes “Yeah, a lot of bad ones.”


Ok so back to the original topic – LOUISVILLE aka my favorite place on earth.

Friday night I spent the evening at my friend’s BEAUTIFUL wedding overlooking the Ohio River.

And Saturday I woke up dying to try a new coffee spot I’ve heard so much about – Quill’s!

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It was seriously SO cute. I was obsessed. Wouldn’t recommend their iced coffee but the hot coffee was ah-mah-zing.

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And Mumsy and I got extremely caffeinated and then drove around town looking for pretty leaves.

We failed.

PSA: The leaves in Louisville are still very green.

Then we got home and she made me the BEST salad (I know I already told you this on Snapchat) but Mumsy really does make the best salads. She used fresh spinach and tossed in some toasted almonds, sliced strawberries, green onion, and drizzled poppyseed dressing on top. O-M-G. So freakin’ good.

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And then the rest of the day we did a little shopping and finished the evening with a couple of margaritas at Havana Rumba aka my favorite restaurant in the entire world.

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I’m loving these bold statements today.

Seriously though, my love of Havana Rumba runs deep. I celebrated my 21st birthday there and everything. THAT’S WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S SERIOUS. Because that’s a commitment.

But honestly, when I’m back home, I really just enjoy kicking my feet up and relaxing and putting my phone and camera down and just being my normal non-bloggy self.

Ok that’s a lie I did act like a blogger, for like, a minute.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So tell me… what did you do this weekend? Did you have any fun plans? Do you also live somewhere different from your hometown? Tell me everything! I will be back tomorrow sharing my delicious fajitas that are perfect for a quick & easy lunch on-the-go! I’ll see you then. Xo.



  1. I went home to visit Louisville this weekend too! I live in Columbus, OH now but there’s no place like Louisville, I’ll always miss it. I think my boyfriend was at Quills at the same time as you hanging out with a friend, how cool!

    1. What a small world!! Omg! That’s too funny 🙂 And totally agree… I miss it so much! I feel like once you live there you’re spoiled 🙂 it’s seriously the best. Xoxo.

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