TWB Goes Shopping

You guys. I have to be 100% honest I had zero content planned out for this week. So I am quite literally flying by the seat of my pants over here. And there is nothing that gives me more anxiety than flying by the seat of my pants, especially when blogging with a slight case of writer’s block.

But speaking of pants.

(Smooth transition, huh? Lol.)

I know I’m not a style blogger by any means, but y’all know I love clothes.

Lately, though, I’ve been trying not to buy clothes after seeing what I spend each month using Mint (and P.S. I swear this isn’t an ad, I just love it). I talked about this in last week’s tidbits but OMG you guys – when I signed up for Mint it was the most eye-opening experience ever and gave me the motivation to completely overhaul my spending.


With that being said I have only had one pair of the MOST uncomfortable black jeans ever that I absolutely needed to replace. It was one of those situations where they had been washed so many times they were basically see through and could fit a toddler.

Not a good combo.

But the reason it has taken me SO LONG to replace them is because I’m super weird about black jeans. I am not a fan of super-dark, super-pigmented black jeans. Idk. They just remind me of dress pants and I feel like there’s nothing in my closet I can wear without looking like a hostess.

This weekend though, I actually went to a mall (which is a big deal here in Chicago because it involves a lot of planning/traffic/patience) and I found the perfect pair (for $35!!) at Zara which made it so worth the drive. (P.S. here is the link to the jeans, they aren’t linked below because they weren’t available on ShopStyle).

They’re super comfy, the perfect color, and they go super well with my new kicks.

Yup. I bought the Vans I linked in last weeks post. It was the best $60 I’ve spent in awhile. And they already make my life 100x easier because they’ve been the exact shoe I’ve been missing in my life. Sorry y’all I just can’t do chucks anymore. I like them, just not on me. They just really aren’t my style. But they’re the only casual shoe I really had.

And then once I had the jeans & the shoes, I had a little gift card burning a hole in my comfy new pocket, so I found this top at Madewell and couldn’t resist. I LOVE a good detail like the buttons down the back. So cute, and so easy to transition between seasons. I’m already so excited to throw on this shirt with some cutoffs & rock it to a street fest.

(Sidenote: Does anyone else do this? Like anytime you buy clothes in this awkward February-March-pre-Spring-gray-area you justify it by saying you can totally wear it all Spring/Summer?)

Anyway. So there ya have it. This week’s purchases that I totally didn’t expect to share, but did anyway. Hehe.

So tell me – are you the same way about black jeans? Do you have a pair of casual sneaks that changed your life? Are you also a sucker for anything with buttons down the back? Tell me everything! I will be back Thursday with a new coffee talk, so I will see you then! Xo.


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