Weekend Wrap-Up: THE WEDDING

Hi sweet friends! How is everyone doing today?! I am laying on my bed, listening to some music, and sippin’ on some Intelligentsia coffee and I am one HAPPY girl because I swear this is the best coffee in the world. Really hoping it hits me soon because I’m freakin’ exhausted.

But it’s SO worth it.

Because you guys… my brother got married this weekend!!!

My brother, Scott, is four years older than me and lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his now-wife. Ah! So weird to say!! But it has been a LONG time coming because they have been dating for 10 years.

The FAM!!! My pops, me, Scott, Jenny, and Mumsy!

Yes, you read that correctly.

At the wedding I wanted to have a total Charlotte York moment and scream at the top of my lungs “They’ve been together for TEN. YEARS!”

There was something about their 10-year courtship that made the wedding that much sweeter, though. The wedding was freakin’ BEAUTIFUL. It was on Siesta Key Beach in Florida. We were all barefoot with flower crowns in our hair, and the prettiest dresses ever. It was cloudy all day and then as soon as the wedding started the sky opened up and the light streamed down and we were all choking back tears because it was so perfect.

Plus there’s something about watching two people you love get married that is unlike anything else. Jenny has been a part of our family for a freakin’ decade, so she’s felt like a sister forever, and now it’s just official!

The rest of the weekend in Florida was spent playing in the ocean, eating oysters, and way too many margaritas.

It was lovely, magical, and filled with so much love. This weekend, though, I’m officially putting my luggage away and STAYING AWHILE. It is going to feel pretty nice to stay in town for a few days.

I just wanted to stop by, say hi, and share some deets since I posted some pics from the weekend! I will be back tomorrow with a fun new post you won’t want to miss! Xo.


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