The One Thing I Don’t Eat Before Dinner

Hey! How is your Tuesday going so far?! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I have been trying to work out again in the mornings, but today my back was hurting again (UGH.) so I decided to just take it easy. I’m laying on my new comfy blanket (will share deets soon), sipping some coffee, playing a little Ray LaMontagne. #VIBES.

Btw, if you were wondering how yesterday’s appointment with the treadmill went: I WAS DYING. I am severely out of shape. BUT I have a pretty challenging workout routine I’ve been doing, so once I get it perfected I will definitely share!

Anyway. Back to the purpose of this post.

Tuesdays I usually talk about my favorite subject in the entire world: FOOD. So today is no different. But I actually wanted to share a little-known fact about me. Because there’s something lately that I haven’t been eating before dinner and I just kind of realized it.

Are you ready for this?


Yup. I’m basically a semi-vegetarian. I know… it’s kind of unexpected, right?!

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This definitely isn’t something that I do on purpose but lately I’ve just gotten a little picky about meat after one too many stinky chicken episodes. And I’ve started to kind of like it because I feel pretty darn good all day. I’ve become such a meat snob I really only really like seafood and ribeye. *Holds pinky in the air and takes a sip of water.*

I know this sounds super bougie. But it’s also pretty economical. Having 1 serving of meat per day versus 3 will help cut your grocery bill way down super quick. Plus, I just figure I would rather eat veggies all day and splurge a little extra when it comes to dinner!

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This isn’t to say I never eat meat before dinner. I’m not a full-blown vegetarian. And on the weekends I don’t really try to avoid eating meat in the mornings & afternoons. But on a typical day I just don’t. I feel way more energized after lunch, to the point where I no longer need my 3PM coffee, and my food is easier to prepare ahead of time and bring along with me to work.

It also helps that I am obsessed with vegetables. Seriously. I just love them. I prefer them over most meats anyway.

So what do I eat on a normal day prior to din?


  • Eggs & fruit/veggies (typically either a grapefruit in the winter or broccoli or sliced tomato in the summer)
  • Roasted veggies that I premade (usually broccoli & sweet potatoes)
  • Overnight oats (recipe here)
  • Starbucks Bacon & Gouda sandwich sans the bacon (sorry, I just can’t with the floppy stringy bacon. I pick it off every time)
BREAKFAST. Nom nom nom.
BREAKFAST. Nom nom nom.

AM Snack:

  • Apple with lemon juice and sea salt (OBSESSED) or if I’m extra hungry I’ll dip my apples in almond butter (I splurge on Maple flavored Justin’s because I’m worth it *wink*)


  • BOWLS. Bowls for days. Y’all know I’m obsessed with my Mediterrean bowls. But it’s so easy to get creative with these! I am going to do a post soon on all my favorite bowls.

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Afternoon Snack:

Then at dinner, I just eat whatever Ben & I picked up at the grocery for that week. Kinda crazy, right?! Eating a serving of meat at dinner helps me get my protein fix for the day, too, but I try to sprinkle some other plant-based protein sources throughout the day, such as spinach, chickpeas, nut butters, and beans. (Also: to clarify I do not JUST eat seafood and ribeye – I wish – these are just my faves!)

I will definitely share some of my favorite meat-free recipes in upcoming posts so be sure to check back, even if you’re just a teensy bit curious!

So tell me… Have you ever tried cutting out meat? Wouldn’t dream of it? Do you just eat it in small amounts like I do? Tell me everything! I will see you tomorrow for another fun post! Xo.




  1. I could never! :0 BUT you should know/be proud that I make bowls on Sunday nights to bring throughout the week now!! (but mine most definitely include chicken hehe)

  2. I’m the same way!!! Although, I do add a little prosciutto or bacon to my sweet potato hash I make for lunch 🙂

    And feels on the stinky chicken. Adam gets so mad at me because I HATE chicken. I’ll only eat it if he grills it… And it’s gotta have a good marinade on it.

    1. I hadn’t heard about this but I love it!! Sounds very similar to what I’m doing unintentionally. Thanks for sending!! 🙂

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