Sweet Potato Toast

Well hello my beautiful Valentines! How was everyone’s weekend?! I kind of had an amazing weekend and there’s a reason for this. But I’ll get into this later. Right now we have another super important topic to cover and that’s SWEET POTATO TOAST.

But first a poem.


Roses are red, violets are blue.

My toast recipe is pretty sweet and so are YOUUUUU!!!!


Ok so the backstory on this recipe is that I’ve seen it on Instagram a couple of times, and I recently also saw this on Pinterest and I just haddddd to try it.

Here’s why.

Whenever I’m trying to eat healthy or do Whole 30 or stick to a mostly Paleo diet (remember? I’m Paleo-ish most of the time) I have the HARDEST TIME with breakfast. Especially on-the-go. It just doesn’t happen. I’m sorry I just cannot do a Larabar for breakfast. Or just an apple. I can’t do it. I need real FOOD.

So that basically leaves me with eating eggs every day, which is totally fine, and most days doesn’t really affect me. But since I’ve been working out (!!) it’s really hard for me to schedule breakfasts around morning workouts. Because let’s face it- eggs don’t travel well and I refuse to be the stinky girl in the office.

SO. If you’re like me. Or you’re gluten-free. Or just don’t like bread. THERE IS HOPE FOR US.

And it’s called sweet potato toast.

The beauty of sweet potato toast is that it requires such little effort. All you need is a sweet potato, a knife, and a toaster. And the rest is up to you! You can get pretty creative with it.


  1. Slice your sweet potato in 1/4-inch thick slices.
  2. Crank your toaster to the highest setting.
  3. Toast your potato slice until brown on the outside and soft on the inside. This took me 2 full toast sessions on level 6 on my toaster, and it was firm but still easily sliceable with a knife. Be sure to test with a fork AFTER you take it out of the toaster! It will be super hot. I used plastic tongs to take the slices out.
  4. Top it with your favorite toast toppings! I used Justin’s Almond Butter (the maple flavor is my fave!!) and some Purely Elizabeth honey granola on one, and sliced avocado with a squeeze of lemon, red pepper flakes, pink Himalayan salt & pepper on the other (which is also Whole 30 approved!)

You guys I was a little skeptical but it was seriously SO good. And almost too freakin’ easy.

If you don’t have a toaster, this also works with a toaster oven and a conventional oven. And if you don’t have these available at your office, you can just toast them up for the week, throw them in the fridge, reheat in the microwave, and then add your toppings after!

I’m telling you guys, you will love it. Especially if you just can’t do eggs for one more day lol.


As promised, it’s time for an announcement.

The reason this weekend was so fun was because I actually had my first photography session!

Yup, that’s right. TWB the photog is now for hire.

Pretty exciting stuff, right?!

If you guys are at all interested in hiring me for shoots, let me know! I will do blog shoots, engagements sessions, professional headshots, baby & family pics, maternity sessions, and baby announcements! I’m also doing some special introductory pricing (aka I’m cheap lol) so reach out to me directly for those inquiries! You can e-mail me for now at thewindyblonde@gmail.com or direct message me on Instagram (@thewindyblonde) and we can arrange it from there.

And if you want to see some more pics, check out this gallery from the rest of this engagement session! They were the absolute cutest.

Ok y’all. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest I was a little nervous haha!!

Now tell me… what are your thoughts on sweet potato toast? Is this something you would try? Do you have any ideas for breakfasts on-the-go? Tell me everything!! I will be back soon with some tidbits & a unique twist on our usual coffee talks. I can’t wait! Xo.


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