Coffee Talk: Slowing Down

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Hi friends!! How is everyone doing today?! I am freakin’ exhausted. And I have no idea why. The other night (as in Tuesday) we stayed out til almost 11 (!!) playing trivia. That MIGHT have something to do with it, but I also refuse to believe I’m so old that staying up past my bedtime one night can affect me so much.

I MUST be getting sick or something, right?!?!



I hope you guys have a super strong coffee in front of you because it’s THURSDAYYYY! And that means it’s time for our weekly coffee talk. I had to stop at Starbucks this morning to get the job done (see my rant about fatigue, above) and nothing gets me going quite like a cold brew with a splash of coconut milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a pack of peptides. (You can read more about peptides and how they’ve helped save my skin here).

Ok. Let’s take a collective sip and chat.

Last week I had a fun new coffee talk feature with Jordan Shull and it seemed like you guys loved it! I don’t think one-on-one coffee chats will happen every week, but I do hope to get some fun guests on the blog soon! I also got some good feedback on some other topics y’all want me to talk about, and I can’t wait to get started on those, too.

This week, though, we’re back to getting deep.

Because I know you guys secretly love it.

And today I want to talk about slowing down.

I’ve talked before about how I’m basically a psychopath who wakes up at 5:45 every day. I shower, blog, take pictures for that day’s blog, chug coffee, make a homemade breakfast, try (key word) to pick a cute outfit for the day, then I finally go into work, work a long freakin’ day, go home, cook dinner, catch up on e-mails, and then 9 days out of 10 I accidentally fall asleep at 8 PM on the couch because I’m so pooped.

And I’m exhausted even typing that out.

But that’s pretty normal… right?

Haven’t you guys ever thought about how weird it is that THAT IS NORMAL?

Sure, I fit blogging into my day and most people probably don’t do that, but I also don’t work out every day. I think if I did that I would go insane.

Lately though (as in, probably the past two weeks or so) I’ve been making a conscious effort to slow way down. You know… allow time for rest and naps and movies. Not rush around like a maniac in the mornings. Drink my coffee in peace. Spend time with friends without watching a clock.

I have even been sitting down in the shower.

Yep. Just sitting down in there. Staying awhile. Not rushing to get out and get on with my day. (If you have never sat down in the shower, I highly recommend just taking a seat every now and then).

It has honestly been so nice.

I think we all put so much pressure on ourselves to go go go because we feel like we’re going to miss out on something if we don’t. I actually talked about this awhile back in my post You Deserve A Day Off.

But I still feel like our days off shouldn’t be the only days we take a little slower.

The craziest part about slowing down is that I feel like I’ve actually been more efficient with my time. Usually I’m so rushed and life feels so hectic and overwhelming that I forget half of the stuff I have to do anyway because I’m going too fast. And then I have to backtrack and try to fit it in. And it creates even more chaos.

I can honestly say that hasn’t been happening since I slowed down. Sure, I do things a little slower, but I do them right the first time.

Isn’t that so weird how that works?

So I guess what I want to know is this – how do you think you could slow down in your day-to-day life? Would you slow it down a little in the morning? After work? On the weekends, maybe?

And if you did slow down, what would you do? Maybe spend a little extra time enjoying your coffee in the morning? Spending more time with your little ones? Calling someone just to chat? Reading a book? Taking a walk? Sitting in the shower?!?!?

Tell me everything!

Seriously! Don’t be shy about it. I LOVE hearing your feedback, and it helps me know that you guys are just as caffeinated as me daydreaming about a leisurely life. Lol.

I’ll be back next week – I have some FUN recipes on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them!!! Until then. Xo.




  1. I think this is SO relevant right now – personally and in general. Society is so big on oversharing and overdoing. I think it’s important to step back and remember to relax and be present. Personally, I tend to struggle with “slowing down” after work – I get home and always feel like I need to be doing something. Working out, taking the dog for a walk, cooking, cleaning, etc. I am making a conscious effort to get done what NEEDS to be done that night and putting off the rest for tomorrow.

    1. Yes totally agreed!! And I love that you are prioritizing and figuring out what can wait. SO important for our mental well-being, because I don’t know about you but my “to-do” list always feels like ti’s never ending! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! xoxoxox

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