The BEST Paleo Cookies (That Don’t Taste Like Paleo Cookies)

Hey! How was everyone’s Monday?! Mine wasn’t too bad – I was able to go straight into work without blogging thanks to my productive Saturday, had a nice little day at work which included a ton of snacks and my delicious fajitas (which you already know if you follow my Snapchat @jillbeangreen because I showed you my totally weird breakfast and disclosed my love of beef jerky) AND *drumroll please* I WORKED OUT.

(Brushes off left shoulder)

I mean, it wasn’t a big deal. Whatever. You know?

But anyway.

You guys. Today I’m coming at you with a serious Public Service Announcement because I kind of found some paleo cookies that are honestly, actually DELICIOUS.

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Let me back up a minute.

I kind of have a small sweet tooth. And I know I act all holier-than-thou-whole-30-or-die but YEAH I HAVE A SWEET TOOH, OK!? I’ve been like this forever.

As a child, for example, I would sneak into our kitchen after lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast and POUR semi-sweet chocolate chips in my mouth like an animal.

Mumsy, I’m so sorry you had to find out this way. LOL.

So now that I’ve aired all my dirty laundry. You can imagine that Whole 30 wasn’t super easy for me. I got through it with unsweetened applesauce & cinnamon.


But now that I’m not on Whole 30 and just trying to eliminate certain food groups (which I will talk about next week!) I still let myself splurge every now and then. I am still semi-psycho, though, and read all of the labels because I try to find sweets with minimal ingredients.

So about a month ago I was at this corner store by my office minding my P’s & Q’s (aka strolling for sweets) when I saw these amazing, homemade-looking cookies from the Paleo Cookie Company. Obviously I purchased. And… you guys… I fell in LOVE.

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Because here’s the thing. There are  only 7 ingredients, and they don’t contain ANY wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar (only maple syrup!), soy, or preservatives.

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And the best part? They come in chocolate chip cookie flavor, chocolate brownie, and… wait for it all you basic b’s…. PUMPKIN.

Yeah, I said it. PUMP. KIN.

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I promise you, too, these actually taste good. They’re moist (please don’t cringe), fluffy, and so full of flavor it’s ridiculous.

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And they’re freakin’ filling! I’m kind of a cookie monster and I still feel fully satisfied with one, which is amazing.

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You guys, I KNOW you want one right now. And if you’re in Chicago you’re in luck because they’re available at a ton of local places, including Goddess & Grocer, Plum Market, Mariano’s, and the surprisingly hip convenience store at Wells & Grand. (You can also search more locations here!)

If you’re not in Chicago? You’ll have to order them, but don’t worry! You can get them straight from their website.

So tell me… do you have a sweet tooth like me? Are there any healthy treats that you swear by? Are you running to Grand & Wells right now??? Tell me everything! I will be back Thursday with a fun new coffee talk inspired by one of my favorite quotes! I’ll see you then. Xo.


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