wellness: you should take a multivitamin

So I’m trying to switch up my style a little bit when it comes to posts. I think part of the stresses of blogging for me happened because I always felt the need to write a lot of content and share a lot of pictures. And that’s hard. So it only happened a couple of days a week.

But now I’m wanting to switch things up a little. And write a little less. But give a little more info. And share a little more often. You know?

So each week I’ll post something about WELLNESS. Because it’s kind of one of my favorite topics.

This week I want to talk about multivitamins because I feel like there’s so much conflicting research about them. I’ve watched documentaries and read articles preaching their importance, and others that make me feel like the vitamin industry is all a huge scam and we need to get our nutrients from food.

But last month, I read about Lo Bosworth’s stint of depression and how it stemmed from a vitamin deficiency (this article is 100000% worth a read). It really opened my eyes to the fact that no matter how healthy you eat you can still be vitamin deficient without even realizing it.

Especially if you’re like me and don’t eat a super-diverse diet (I have the same things to eat almost every day).

Last week I was in a little bit of a funk, and once I got back from my trip, I ran to the grocery to pick up a daily multivitamin after thinking about Lo’s experience and how her deficiency affected her mood. I know this is going to sound dramatic, but I almost instantly felt lifted out of my funk and actually have energy and feel like myself since I started taking it.

I picked up Rainbow Light’s Women’s One Food-Based Multivitamin from Whole Foods (I love that it’s food-based, and it has an amazing mix of vitamins that help support energy including Vitamin D and B-12).

Do I think I was vitamin deficient?

Maybe. My diet has been all over the place due to travel and moving.

But I can’t deny that it has helped. So for now – I’m sticking with it.

So tell me – do you take a daily multivitamin? Any other vitamins to supplement that? Do you think it’s all just a money-making scheme? Tell me everything! Xo.



  1. I’m a vitamin Junkie! I work out and sweat tons – and really feel my body loses a lot of vitamins thru sweat. With that though, too many people overload on vitamins and minerals. As a pharmacist, I can tell you that you need to be careful loading up on the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, K. Also, watch out for TOO much magnesium and potassium. A nutrient deficiency women should be aware of is iron. Low iron can cause a lot of fatigue, poor nail and hair health. The major cause of iron-deficient anemia in women is monthly loss thru periods.

    1. That’s really interesting about the fat soluable vitamins & magnesium and potassium. I’m going to pick your brain next time I see you about vitamins 🙂

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