Weekend Wrap-Up + Minimalism Challenge

Happy New Year sweet friends!!! How was everyone’s night!? Did you go out? Stay in?! Ok so first of all I seriously feel SO bad because I definitely intended to have this post up yesterday, but I ended up going on a little photo adventure with Jordan, eating at Left Coast, and then watching Harry Potter in my PJs. Obviously.

BTW… if you live in Chicago the Robust Rosa salad at Left Coast is freakin’ DELISH. And dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan unless you add your own meat. So it’s a really good option for a healthy meal on-the-go! This is just a PSA. I just thought you guys should know. Lol.

Anyway, after a pretty relaxing day, Ben & I celebrated the New Year with some friends at a house party, which is SO ideal. No lines. No tickets. No sequins required. PERFECT.

And my sweet friend Jordan also gave me this Five-Year Memory Journal which is so freakin’ cool! Each day gives you a prompt where you fill in your thoughts, and it has an area to fill out each page for the next 5 years. You guys know this is right up my alley and I can’t wait to start!

Ok. So you guys.

I stumbled upon a little 30-day challenge that has nothing to do with food or working out, but more about SIMPLIFYING.

Which I love. (And talked about a little bit in my coffee talk earlier this week!)

I have been SO interested in the idea of minimalism since reading the book Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I talked about it on TWB awhile back. I read the book, followed her program (in my closet… I think the journey needed there tbh), and once I got rid of all of the stuff I literally NEVER wore it made my life so much easier and made my mornings way less stressful.

Now when I get ready in the morning I pick from a selection of 3 pairs of jeans (seriously) and a few favorite sweaters and off I go.

I feel like I’m so Steve Jobs, no?

wearing one of my three pairs of jeans, lol


But seriously since simplifying this one aspect of my life, it’s made me want to try to simplify more.



I found this minimalism challenge on Pinterest (I’m addicted) and instead of working out for 30 days (because lets be honest, not happening, sry) I’m going to try this instead!



Look, I know it’s kind of corny or whatever but I really do think it will help. I especially love days 4, 10, and 23. Just REALLY hoping day 20 doesn’t fall on Bachelor Monday. Lol.

We’ll see how it goes! I’ll keep you guys updated on the blog.

So tell me… is this a challenge you would try? Do you feel like you already lead a pretty simple life? Do you honestly think you could spend an entire day without TV?! Tell me everything! I’ll be back Tuesday with a new Whole 30 Bowl of the Week that is perfect for lunch on-the-go! I’ll see you then. Xo.



  1. We just watched the documentary “minimalism” this week! I’ll have to check the book out. I love the challenge – I need day 3 in a bad way (up to 5,000 unread emails on my phone).

    1. I’ve heard about this!! I want to watch soon! Omg yes your emails give me anxiety hahah miss you!!!

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