Mini Break

Hi sweet friends! How is your day going so far?! I’m currently at the Louisville airport waiting for my (already delayed) flight, and I’m racing against the clock because I only have 20 minutes of free wifi (I don’t know if this is #thrifty or just plain cheap of me).

I just blew my nose and I’m cursing myself for taking the time to even reach in my bag. And then type about it now. LOL.


As I explained in yesterday’s post this week is a little crazy with the unexpected travel. And I think I need a couple of mental health days. So I’m going to take this week to give myself a little mini vaca and work on building some really fun content for you guys! Next week I’m going to share some bowl ideas and gear up for another coffee talk.

In the meantime, keep scrolling for some fun posts and make sure to follow me on Instagram (@thewindyblonde) and Snapchat (@jillbeangreen) to keep up with me during my little break! Enjoy and see you next week! Xo.


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