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Hi! It’s TWB. I hope you had a great weekend! I made some changes to the site that I hope you enjoy – including a scrolling feed. No need to click “continue reading” anymore. Woo! Plus some small cosmetic changes. Also – I have a new Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule so be sure to check back on these days for new posts! Here’s a guest post from my friend Dorothy spilling the juice on her last cleanse 😉  I’ll see you Wednesday. Enjoy!

Hello TWB readers! Let’s talk juice cleanses! It’s a rapidly growing trend that I’m sure you’ve either tried, thought about trying, or wrote it off as insanity. Well I can say with mixed feelings that I’ve cleansed three times (yes, you read that correctly – just keep reading).

Sidenote: The pic above is a day’s worth of juice starting from left to right (I added coconut water)

So, because there are so many juice bars offering so many options, I’m going share my experience instead of listing the vegetables and fruits I drank. But for the record each cleanse was 3 days of cold-pressed juice from Chicago-based, organic juice bar City Harvest Café (I absolutely adore this place). A 3-day cleanse runs from $150. 5 juices a day and you guessed it, no food.

Why did I decide to do a juice cleanse the first time? To be honest, I walked in for some coconut water (I’m kind of a fanatic about coconuts), asked about their cleanse packages and was pretty much sold on the spot. Now in all honesty, I’m a pretty easy sell. I’m the type of person who is drawn in by almost any infomercial. But seriously, their product is amazing. Real talk:

Pro: Re-set your taste buds. I don’t know about you guys, but September was a crazy month for me. I was super busy at work and kind of fell away from eating even remotely healthy. By the end of the month, I was tired, craved sugar constantly and just felt super gross. One of the best things about cleansing is that you’re not bombarded by the American diet (massive amounts of sugar, salt and preservatives). It’s like pressing a re-start button and you notice that the way the juices taste will change completely from day 1 to day 3 as you allow yourself to taste real and nutritious ingredients. Afterwards, you don’t crave the donuts – you actually feel like eating healthier.

Pro: Realize you sometimes (or always) eat when you’re not hungry. So because you’re not physically hungry when you’re on a juice cleanse (this sounds counterintuitive but if it’s a quality cleanse, you’re going to be full), you get to do some soul searching about your relationship with food (yikes). For me, it was hard not to think about eating in the evening especially if I was watching TV. I’ve now realized that I tend to crave food when I’m bored or feeling anxious. During a cleanse, this is highlighted because I already know I’m not hungry, so…why do I want food? (Food, we need to talk..)

Con: Friends will not stop their lives or eating fantastic food because you’re on a juice cleanse. This is pretty fair but contributes to Tip#1.

Con: You realize you spent a lot of money to not eat. While I do think it’s worth it, I’m aware I’m rationalizing my purchase with a pretty healthy dose of denial. But that’s ok. Sometime we all need a little denial to get us through questionable decisions.

Con: It’s hard to tell what kind of experience you’ll have. The first two times I cleansed, it was fantastic. I was full of energy, never hungry and I literally felt like a sunbeam. The last time though, I sort of felt like I was dying. Or slowly turning into a tiny ghost. I was light headed, exhausted, and got headaches. I don’t know if that’s because I was exhausted from my crazy, busy month or something else but the struggle got pretty real: I left work early on Friday (day 1) to sleep and Monday morning, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and made myself a massive breakfast burrito (I felt like a brand new person).

Tip#1: Expect to be a little cranky – either from not being able to eat or being resentful of those who can.

Tip#2: If you’re looking to cleanse and the juice ingredients are almost exclusively fruit, walk away. You’d basically be consuming sugar water for three days. Ask the location why they’ve chosen those particular juices/ how they’re made/ order of drinking/etc.

Tip#3: If you’ve never done a cleanse, it’s a good idea to try it over a weekend (think Friday through Sunday) just in case you feel tired, cranky or don’t want keep explaining your lack of solid food to co-workers.

Tip#4: DRINK WATER. Mid-cleanse, you’ll probably feel like you’ve been drinking liquid since the dawn of time, but there’s not actually water added in any cold-pressed juice. Drink water or you’ll get dehydrated.

Have you tried a cleanse? Did you love it? Hate it? Share!

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