Friday Finds

You guys!! Happy Freakin’ Friday!!!

My Life Lately post was such a hit I wanted to share some more of my faves! I feel like each of these could probably be their own posts because I love them so much but I have SO many faves I wanted to share that this just isn’t realistic. So I’m sharing a few of my finds today, and I’ll make this a thing, you know? Friday Faves is so overdone I’m going to be SO different and call it Friday Finds.

I know, right? I’m such a pioneer.

Jogger Shorts

So I posted these on my Insta-story and one person a ton of people asked about them! The backstory on these – I was ordering a sweater on Madewell and I was like SO close to the minimum needed to get a 20% discount. And basically their marketing trick worked on me and I threw these bad boys in my bag. But I am obsessed and I throw them on every night when I get home from work! So comfy. (Oh and P.S. they’re on sale!!!)

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Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but you guys – I GOT A NEW LENS. And I am SO pumped. I want to share more about photography and my camera, but to keep it short & sweet – I have a Canon Rebel T5 and for almost a year I have been using the lens it came with. After doing some research, I basically realized that was no bueno and it was time to invest in a new lens. So I finally found the perfect fit and now I’m the proud owner of a Canon 35 mm f2. It makes SUCH a huge difference in my pictures! If you’re thinking about investing in a camera, I found out a TON of helpful information from this article and I would definitely suggest a read!

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New Moisturizer

Ok so my skin can be kind of crazy. You know – like breaking out but at the same time flaky dry. And winter is the WORST because I literally look like I just ate a powdered donut 24/7. So my dermatologist noticed and recommended this moisturizer and it is seriously freakin’ amazing. It’s made for acne-prone skin, so even though it’s super hydrating, it doesn’t cause breakouts. Oh and it’s good for sensitive skin, too!

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My Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’m just going to shoot you straight on this. It was 100% a Whole Foods impulse buy. BUT I LOVE IT. I feel so Spencer Pratt circa The Hills because it feels like a giant crystal in my home. All jokes aside, though, there are a lot of health benefits to having himalayan salt lamps in the home – such as purifying the air, reducing allergy symptoms, increasing energy, improving sleep quality, reducing static (MAJOR for winter hair) – all because they naturally absorb negative ions in the air.

And I know you’re all wondering has it worked for you, TWB?

Honestly I can tell a difference in the air – it feels like we have fresher air and I haven’t been sneezing all over myself every 5 minutes like I usually do. But either way, even if it did absolutely nothing, I just think it looks cool LOL! (P.S. You can buy one for just $19 here!)

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So let’s make this a TGIF date. I’ll be back next Friday with more faves!

Next week I will talk about my teeth whitening, the best shampoo to keep my hair that ashy-cool color, and my thoughts on Starbucks’ new almond milk! I’ll see you then! Xo.


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