Coffee Talk: Date Night

Hi friends! How is everyone doing today!? Somehow I woke myself up at 5:35 without an alarm (psycho) so obviously I immediately put on some coffee but somehow I’m feeling strangely energized? Maybe the supermoon has receded back in the sky. I swear that thing had me up all night & acting crazy.

Oh and by the way – PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – if you personally know me or read my blog a lot you probably know that I am absolutely obsessed with pajamas (like, to an unhealthy extent) and right now Old Navy has the BEST pjs a girl could ask for. Currently wearing, duh. They are long-sleeve waffle-knit thermal shirts and long leggings with such cute prints. OMG. Please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some holiday jammies (you can find the tops here and leggings here).

You won’t regret it, promise.


Do you guys have your coffee yet?! I’m already blabbing on and on and I’ve had, like, a sip. Let’s all just pause for a nice warm GULP of the good stuff.

There we go.

Are you new to coffee talks?! If so, welcome!! We meet every Thursday (on this blog, not in real life sadly, but we pretend) and we just talk about whatever is going on right now – we’ve talked about perfectionism, blogging tips, my fave quote ever, where we’d live if we could live anywhere, what we would do if we could do anything – and so many more!

Today I’m circling back to a requested topic that came up when we turned the tables a few weeks ago: DATE NIGHT.

So I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m a huge fan of Date Night. I’m an avid listener of The Skinny Confidential Podcast (you can find it on iTunes!) and my fave blogger Lauryn and her fiancé (now husband) Michael always make time for a Date Night.

Earlier this summer, Ben and I both were extremely busy. He had just switched jobs and was adapting to commuting and working in the Loop after working from home for a couple of years. I was blogging every day, attending wedding festivities every weekend, and traveling for work and to see friends. And we basically got into this really bad habit where on our nights “off” from all of our activities, we would come home, eat, and be literal ZOMBIES on the couch. We would stare at our phones, barely speak, and we were like two ships passing in the night.

It’s crazy sometimes how much time passes if you don’t intentionally spend time together, even when you live together. I remember at one point I thought to myself, it had been at least a month since we had gone on a real date. You know – makeup on, dressed nice, maybe a spritz of perfume – instead of sweatpants & tacos.

(SIDENOTE: There is nothing wrong with sweatpants & tacos. We’ve probably done that for a date night. I’ll explain.)

Ok. So you know the backstory now. And after hearing about Date Night on the podcast, I decided we had to try. And Ben was a willing participant because the idea behind Date Night was that each week, we would switch off who planned it.

Fun, right?!

So since then, we’ve committed one day a week to it!  We usually pick Wednesday or Thursday so we have something to look forward to during the week, but some weeks we bump it up if we have other plans.

Overall, we’ve kept it pretty simple. The idea behind Date Night is just the INTENTIONAL part. Even if it’s sweatpants & tacos, we make sure to be present during the “date.” We put our phones away, we sit at the dinner table, or we put on a fun movie and we make sure to talk and pay attention to each other and be present in the moment.

Oh, and we like to surprise each other with the plans. The planner usually tells the other person where to be and what time to be there and the rest is a mystery. It makes it more fun!

Some of our faves?

Dinner & bowling. Ben LOVES bowling but I’m absolutely AWFUL so one night for date night I surprised him with a dinner at Earl’s followed by a trip to King’s Lanes in Chicago. You guys…. my score was less than 20. NO JOKE.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Homemade Pinterest recipe & an action flick. We made a skinny shrimp pasta recipe from Pinterest (you know I’m obsessed with Pinterest right now), drank some wine, and watched Deadpool and it was seriously one of our most fun nights!

Beer flights & Cajun food. Ok so this was last night *super fresh* but Ben researched Cajun food in Chicago (one of our faves!) and we went to the South Loop for Moxee’s and ate tons of etoufee and had some beer flights from Madhouse Brewing. (And then I dragged him unwillingly to Old Navy but we both found a ton of good stuff!)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Popcorn (Quinn is my fave right now!!) & Hocus Pocus. Obvi a holiday theme.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Chipotle & a Target trip. Seriously, though, some of the best nights are the most simple!

Our favorite takeout from Balena on the patio. I added a little music, wine, and string lights to amp up the ambiance.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

ALLL the tacos from Velvet Taco & walking around downtown. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Wine, tapas, and walking around Whole Foods. Seriously, we keep it pretty simple 90% of the time.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

SUSHI & Netflix. This was definitely a Ben date night created for me. I secretly LOVE sushi. And Netflix.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It’s usually dinner-and-a-movie classic stuff, but we’ve seriously had so much fun making it a special night each week!

Ok… so now it’s time to tell me… do you have date nights with your significant other? Or any other traditions to share? If you do have date nights – what are some of the things you do together? Are you a classic dinner-and-a-movie type or do you like to do more adventurous things?



Right now.

Comment, tweet (I have another follower I think I’m up to 4), write me a letter, I don’t care! I just want to know your thoughts. SERIOUSLY. Let’s finish our chat!

I’ll be back soon with a fun new post and hopefully some fun new PICS because I’m dragging my fellow-blogger-BFF JIGGY to take some this weekend. Woo! See you then! Xo.


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