Coffee Talk: Where Would You Live If You Could Live Anywhere?

Hi sweet friends! How is everyone’s week going so far?! Do you have your coffee in-hand and ready for another chat? I don’t know what I did today when I was making the coffee but HO-LY CRAP it’s tasty. I’m kind of chugging. Let’s hope it brings me life because right now I am sleepy and sore.

But why are you sore TWB?

Oh my gosh, SO funny you ask!

Remember last week when we talked about how I don’t work out? Well. That didn’t change much. BUT I worked out yesterday!!! (*slow clap*) I actually went to Studio Three right by my office and got a little Namaste on (aka I did yoga).

And before you judge me for being sore from yoga – it was really challenging! I thought maybe it was just me, but my co-worker who went with me and works out every day said it was also way more challenging than she thought, so I don’t know if she was just trying to help my ego or if that was really true but either way I’M GOING WITH IT.

Last week when we talked about working out, the general consensus is – well – you all work out. Lol! So that was pretty inspiring, and I think it’s awesome!! Quite a few of you suggested Class Pass to me, and I’m definitely down to try! But it seems like everyone has kind of found their niche, even if it took awhile (and for some people, it did, which made me feel better too!)

I just have to keep looking!

SO. Onto this week’s topic.

Take a longgggg sip o’ joe. (OH and btw, did anyone make it to a Luke’s Diner yesterday, speaking of coffee?! If you did, tell me everything!)

Today I want to know: Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

And btw, this is not supposed to be a super-practical question (unless you want it to be!). I’m sure realistically and logistically and all other things -istically we’re limited to where we could live. But just in your dreams. Where would you live?

Ok so call me crazy but lately I have had this overwhelming urge to just live in the middle of nowhere.

And I know my mom, who grew up in the middle of nowhere is going to say NO YOU DON’T!

But seriously yes, I do.

Maybe it was the apple picking this weekend that brought this out from within me but something about being in my boots, in the FRESH crisp air, and riding a tractor (yes that happened) made me feel all kinds of YES.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE Chicago. It was my dream to live here since I visited for the first time when I was 17. But some days it just feels a little… idk… cramped? I just want to look out my window and be surrounded by nature and wake up and actually be able to see the sunrise or just chill around a bonfire or be able to do redneck things like taking a four wheeler out muddin’.

And I know this isn’t a super-specific answer. But that’s because I really think I would be just as content in the California countryside as I would be somewhere in the South, or even in the middle of nowhere in the mountains or something like that.

Anddddd I just realized I sound like a total recluse? LOL. But y’all know what I mean. I think I just need *wiiiide open spaaacessss* -Dixie Chicks.

So now that you think I’m this weird loner that wants to live in the middle of nowhere with my cat LOL!

Tell me about YOU!

Where would you live? Do you dream of living in a city? Out in the country? On the beach? Somewhere super specific like Branson, Missouri or a tiki hut over the water on the island of Bora Bora? Would you have a “place” at all or would you just travel around if you could? Or are you the practical type and you want to live somewhere for a certain reason?

Tell me everything!!!


Comment below, tweet me (yes I have a Twitter with 2-3 followers), Snapchat me (@jillbeangreen), Facebook message me, text me, call me I don’t care!

I’ll be back soon with a fun new post! And coming up on the blog I’m going to be sharing life after Whole 30 and how to convert into a more sustainable diet, date nights, and more fun recipes! See you soon! Xo.



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  1. If I could live anywhere, logistics temporarily set aside, I would move to the Carolinas. I have always had such a sense of stillness and relief when looking at the beach/ocean. I have no desire to be a west coast girl – had a temporary stent in Seattle, WA, and it’s just too far from all those I love. I think the Carolinas are ideal for so many reasons – you have seasons, the ocean, other landscapes when you need different scenery, driving distance and direct flights. Hoping the stars will align and I can live out my dream, even if it’s only for a year or two.

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