Coffee Talk: Holy Crap I’m 27

Hi friends! How is everyone doing today?! Right now I’m laying in my bed, curled up in my robe and trying SUPER hard not to fall asleep because I’m typing this at night so I can work out in the morning. *collective gasp* yes, I know this is a really big deal. But I’m trying this whole Class Pass thing everyone is raving about so I will keep you guys updated on how long this lasts. Lol.

NOW – grab your coffee, take a nice long sip and let’s chat!

Last week we talked about those grass-is-always-greener feelings, and a lot of you told me that it hit home for you, too. I think we all feel this way, especially around the holidays, and even more so with social media constantly reminding us about everyone else’s lives.

But today, we’re switching gears.

Because you guys. I’m 27.

Holy. Crap.

You may think this is going to be one of those “where did the time go!?” kind of posts, but no. No. I know where the time went. I have been accidentally saying I’m 27 since the minute I turned 26. There’s something about 26 years old that just never really fit, you know? I’ve been 27 in my mind for awhile now.

But when I compare myself now to my 26-year-old self from last year, that’s when I feel that holy crap coming on. And the reason for that is because I feel like I’ve changed… a lot.

But… not really changed, I guess.

More like… I’ve cleaned out my closet.

Are you guys hanging on to my wardrobe analogy here?

Drink some more coffee. I’m still not sure if I’m delirious or if this is making sense.

But for me, I feel like I’ve finally let go of the clutter and just really tried to embrace the real me. I’ve started saying no to things I don’t want to do and letting myself be the grandma I truly am on the inside and not feeling bad about it all the time.

And trust me, this isn’t some whole I’m-so-great-I-have-it-all-figured-out kind of moments. I honestly think that getting older is just figuring out that you will never have it figured out. But each year you just kind of strip down your closet piece by piece until the real you is hanging in there somewhere.

I definitely picture my  inner closet self as a grayish cozy sweater.

Ok that was weirdly irrelevant.

But anyway.

This is definitely the first year that I look back and really feel the weight of the year. You know what I mean?

So that’s what I want to know from you.

Have you ever really FELT your birthday? Or did you have a “turning point” where you really realized how much you’ve grown up? Or maybe you haven’t felt this yet, and still feel young at heart? Old at heart? Closet granny like yours truly???

Tell me everything! Seriously, I really want to know your thoughts on this! Which birthday was monumental for you?

Comment, e-mail me (, Snapchat me (@jillbeangreen), send me a message in a paper airplane, i don’t care! I just really want to know! I will be back (tomorrow!?!) with a fun new post on why you should definitely wear pjs. You’ll understand once you read it. Xo.


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