Coffee Talk: All The Blogging Feels

Hey friends! How is everyone doing today?! I am down here in Tampa working and somehow I managed to get SICK. Who gets a cold in FLORIDA? This girl. Yup. I am a stuffy, snotty, sneezy, sleepy mess of a person today. And work is non-negotiable. So since I’m stubborn as heck and don’t like to take medicine, I’m packing tissues and drinking a TON of coffee to get me prepped for this day.

Oh and speaking of coffee, you have yours… right?

Let’s take a sip together. Because it’s Thursday. And that’s just what we do on Thursdays. Except for last Thursday. When I was kind of a hot mess.

Also I have to admit I feel SO bad for not posting anything Tuesday but being out of town and traveling on Sunday (which is when I usually work on meal prepping & recipes) made it tough to get anything done for the blog.

But being here has kind of brought me to this realization. Because if I had really wanted to get something done, honestly, I could have.

You know?

I feel like I’m having some weird feelings toward blogging lately. I’m sure you guys can tell. I really haven’t been posting too much on here. And when I do it just feels a little rushed.

I tried to create a content calendar, I’ve been trying to step up my Instagram game, hoping to reignite this little flame inside me but right now it’s just a little flicker of light.

So I thought I would open up about this a little bit today and tell you guys all my blogging feels. Because if my blog was my boyfriend, right now we’d be having that talk like I think I need some space.

But I don’t want to break up. I’ve just been feeling a little unmotivated to really TRY the last couple of weeks.

You know what I mean?

Honestly so much of my frustration comes from how blogging has been evolving over the past few months. I get on Instagram now and I just feel like I’m looking at a magazine. With ads. And sponsored posts. And I don’t even see my friends on there anymore! You know what I mean?

My entire feed is BLOGGERS. And even as a blogger, I know this is like probably really uncool to say but it is really starting to annoy me.


I need a sip of coffee. I feel like that was bold to say.


But I really have no interest in seeing a blogger posing next to a roll of paper towels with the brand logo gleaming in the light and trying to make it look natural. Or seeing a style blogger trying on an outfit in a dressing room and linking the outfit for commission even though I want to scream I KNOW YOU AREN’T EVEN BUYING THAT!

So why does that even bother me so dang much?

Well because it makes me question the sacrifices it takes to blog all the time. Like the Sundays spent behind a computer screen instead of outside living life. Or the nights I barely even talk to Ben because IHAVETOPOSTOMG. Or the days I’m late for work because I had to get that photo justtttt rightttttt!

And it just makes me think…

Is this what I’m working so hard for? So I can promote paper towels and probiotics and open my mail on my Instagram story?

And I get it – you have to hustle and you have to get paid and you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills. I’m not judging. And I don’t do this for a living, so I don’t understand the pressures and stresses of being self-employed.

I’m just having some trouble seeing myself do the same thing.

You know?

It’s just something I’ve been kind of struggling with internally, and I didn’t want to talk about it out loud because I love my blog & I love writing & I love sharing ideas. And people have told me that I’ve inspired them to eat healthier or try a Whole 30 and that is SO meaningful to me!

But my Type A self is just having some trouble half-assing it. Because it feels like I’ve been running this marathon for almost two years and all that waits for me at the finish line is a Skinny Tea sponsorship or something.

(OBVIOUSLY I’m being dramatic)

Does this mean I’m done blogging?

HECK NO!!!!!!

I love it.

I am just letting you know why I haven’t been on my A-game lately. Because I feel like we’re friends and I felt like it was only right to let you know my thoughts.


With that being said.

I honestly feel a TON better being able to type this all out and get it off my chest. It really has been weighing on me.

And I’m not sure if I’ll have a new post for you next Tuesday but if an idea comes to me I absolutely will. I still have so much that I want to share.

Nowwww it’s time for you guys to tell me your thoughts on this.

Are you a blogger who also feels frustrated with “blogging”? Do you think I’m being a little harsh? Or have you never even noticed the things that bother me so much? Or are you a blog lover that also feels frustrated? Or are you a blog lover that loves it and think I’m mean?

Tell me everything!

I’m serious. I’m really hoping y’all don’t think I’m crazy.

Love you ALL & I hope you still love me too! Xoxoxoxo



  1. I think the fact that its almost Spring – doesn’t help….We’re all suffering from “cabin-fever” and “I’m sick and tired of the Chicago Winter” blues…. Have you thought of asking your besties to host a blog? They could write one, you edit it etc? Just a thought to jump start your writing XOXOXOOX

    1. Yes that’s very true!! It’s tough to come up with stuff when I am always inside, doing the same ole stuff! I do like that idea of a guest post! Thank you for the idea 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. This WHOLE post just hit home with me! I am definitely a blogger who also feels frustrated with “blogging”! I haven’t posted a blog post since January because I just feel so blah about blogging lately. Like I have nothing to post about but yet I have a million thoughts to share but just can’t seem to get the energy to sit down and actually write a blog post.

    Anyways, I absolutely LOVE your blog and am an avid reader! Keep doing what you do!


    1. Aw Debi thank you SO much for your sweet words!! I definitely understand that “blah” feeling, sometimes it’s so hard to overcome, no matter how many ideas are sitting there in your head! Your blog is SO cute!!! You have some great content on there!! xoxoxo

  3. I’m not a blogger but I understand what you’re saying. Over the past few years I’ve noticed I stopped following bloggers as they became really popular and stopped seeming to live normal lives (constant glamorous travel, non stop product promotions, high-end beauty and fashion only). I couldn’t relate to that.

    I just found your blog and love it. I hope you continue even if on a less frequent basis 🙂

    1. Yes, that is so spot on! Sometimes I have followed bloggers that seemed similar to me, and then once they grow, they stop feeling so “relatable” and I don’t keep up with them as much anymore. Thank you so much for your sweet words Bobbi!!! It means so much to me that you stopped by & shared your thoughts!! xoxoxo

  4. Hi TWB! I’m not a blogger, and I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog in the first place, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy it!! I used to love reading blogs (even Live Journals back in the day, if you remember those! #throwback), but recently most of them are, like you said, thinly veiled sales pitches with pictures that are way too perfect. I think most people enjoy reading about real lives of real people 😊 I hope you continue, whenever I read your posts it sounds like you truly enjoy what you are talking about. It’s like reading a conversation with a friend! 😊

    1. Aww Michelle thank you so much!! That’s what I always hope – that it sounds like we’re just chatting, catching up on life! Girl… I TOTALLY remember Live Journals!!! I’ve always been a blog fan too. Even in the Xanga days! Lol! Xoxox

  5. haha you’re not mean! you’re honest! I gave up my blog a little over a year ago, and while there are times I miss it (I love writing!) I stopped because my personal life needed a lil more attention and I was tired of frou-frouing (actual term) my life on the internets. It was time to take a step back. You’re writing IS inspiring, but you need to stay inspired too! Be honest with yourself like you are, and stop in the TWB when you want! We’ll all be here ready when you are…. large coffee cup in hand and all 😉

    ps how the heck did we both get sick. Must’ve been the smokey atmosphere of restaurant attempt #1.
    pps please come back to tampa again. there are much funner (actual term) restaurants and fun stuff for us to do!

    1. I know I miss your blog!!!! But I totally, totally get it. I think I just need a tiny little breather to get back to feeling right. And yeah, the sickness was REAL this weekend. Definitely due to restaurant #1. Literally LOL’d when I read that. And I’m totally coming back and we’re totally making it to hot yoga + the beach. Xoxoxo Love you.

  6. I could totally relate– I’m not a blogger but it is annoying seeing all the bloggers I follow posting #ads on their feeds constantly, I like following people to see what they’re wearing, doing, eating (not what they’re being paid to promote)!

    As a fellow Chicagoan and 20-something female, I like following your insta/blog because I can relate, and I especially love seeing your food/recipe posts! (I’m a loyal follower @goldengatebridg) With that being said, if you aren’t trying to make money off it, maybe take some pressure off yourself to not have to post or update all the time and I bet you will enjoy it more as a creative outlet. Wish you the best!

    1. Right?! I love to have a little peek into someone’s REAL life… not the life that PR people want us to think they’re living… you know!? I am just gonna take a TEENY little break and I’ll be back soon 🙂 thank you so much for your sweet words & support!! xoxox (p.s. just followed you on Insta! Lol)

  7. Girl, we are in the exact same boat. I like to follow people who are real and share their story and those bloggers are becoming fewer and far between. I have zero intentions of every making my blog a full time gig and do not care in the least if I make money, but I do like having a following. So it’s tough. I took a break this week as well to clear my head.

    1. I know I feel like this is such a struggle for anyone who isn’t full time! I love your blog and for me it’s so much more fun to read some REALNESS 🙂 Breaks are just needed sometimes ya know!? Xoxoxo

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