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Coffee Talk: Slowing Down

Photo above from @theeverygirl_ taken by @pollyandbooks.

Hi friends!! How is everyone doing today?! I am freakin’ exhausted. And I have no idea why. The other night (as in Tuesday) we stayed out til almost 11 (!!) playing trivia. That MIGHT have something to do with it, but I also refuse to believe I’m so old that staying up past my bedtime one night can affect me so much.

I MUST be getting sick or something, right?!?!



I hope you guys have a super strong coffee in front of you because it’s THURSDAYYYY! And that means it’s time for our weekly coffee talk. I had to stop at Starbucks this morning to get the job done (see my rant about fatigue, above) and nothing gets me going quite like a cold brew with a splash of coconut milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a pack of peptides. (You can read more about peptides and how they’ve helped save my skin here).

Ok. Let’s take a collective sip and chat.

Last week I had a fun new coffee talk feature with Jordan Shull and it seemed like you guys loved it! I don’t think one-on-one coffee chats will happen every week, but I do hope to get some fun guests on the blog soon! I also got some good feedback on some other topics y’all want me to talk about, and I can’t wait to get started on those, too.

This week, though, we’re back to getting deep.

Because I know you guys secretly love it.

And today I want to talk about slowing down.

I’ve talked before about how I’m basically a psychopath who wakes up at 5:45 every day. I shower, blog, take pictures for that day’s blog, chug coffee, make a homemade breakfast, try (key word) to pick a cute outfit for the day, then I finally go into work, work a long freakin’ day, go home, cook dinner, catch up on e-mails, and then 9 days out of 10 I accidentally fall asleep at 8 PM on the couch because I’m so pooped.

And I’m exhausted even typing that out.

But that’s pretty normal… right?

Haven’t you guys ever thought about how weird it is that THAT IS NORMAL?

Sure, I fit blogging into my day and most people probably don’t do that, but I also don’t work out every day. I think if I did that I would go insane.

Lately though (as in, probably the past two weeks or so) I’ve been making a conscious effort to slow way down. You know… allow time for rest and naps and movies. Not rush around like a maniac in the mornings. Drink my coffee in peace. Spend time with friends without watching a clock.

I have even been sitting down in the shower.

Yep. Just sitting down in there. Staying awhile. Not rushing to get out and get on with my day. (If you have never sat down in the shower, I highly recommend just taking a seat every now and then).

It has honestly been so nice.

I think we all put so much pressure on ourselves to go go go because we feel like we’re going to miss out on something if we don’t. I actually talked about this awhile back in my post You Deserve A Day Off.

But I still feel like our days off shouldn’t be the only days we take a little slower.

The craziest part about slowing down is that I feel like I’ve actually been more efficient with my time. Usually I’m so rushed and life feels so hectic and overwhelming that I forget half of the stuff I have to do anyway because I’m going too fast. And then I have to backtrack and try to fit it in. And it creates even more chaos.

I can honestly say that hasn’t been happening since I slowed down. Sure, I do things a little slower, but I do them right the first time.

Isn’t that so weird how that works?

So I guess what I want to know is this – how do you think you could slow down in your day-to-day life? Would you slow it down a little in the morning? After work? On the weekends, maybe?

And if you did slow down, what would you do? Maybe spend a little extra time enjoying your coffee in the morning? Spending more time with your little ones? Calling someone just to chat? Reading a book? Taking a walk? Sitting in the shower?!?!?

Tell me everything!

Seriously! Don’t be shy about it. I LOVE hearing your feedback, and it helps me know that you guys are just as caffeinated as me daydreaming about a leisurely life. Lol.

I’ll be back next week – I have some FUN recipes on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them!!! Until then. Xo.



Coffee Talk ft. Jordan Shull

You guys!!! It’s Thursday already! What?! I felt like I was just with you chatting about beating the winter blues. And speaking of which, I don’t think I’ll be feeling the winter blues this weekend because it’s gonna be 60 freakin’ degrees! I think that’s unheard of for Chicago in February but I plan to be outside literally all day.


Now for the exciting stuff.

Do you have your mug of coffee?!

Or is this your first coffee talk and you didn’t know this was part of the rules?!

(Btw, if this is your first coffee talk, welcome welcome. We – as in my readers & I – get together every Thursday here on the blog to chat about whatever is relevant. So take a sip, stay awhile, so happy you’re here!)

Let’s get back to it.

Today I’m switching it up a little bit on the coffee talks and having a little guest coffee talker! So since I just wanted to try this out and see what you guys thought, there was no better person to ask than my college-bestie-turned-Chicago-blogger-bestie Jordan Shull!

Real quick – some background on Jordan & I (I call her “Jiggy” and I’ve almost accidentally typed that like 3 times already) – we both went to college at the University of Kentucky and we lived together for two of those years. She was always a morning person like me, and on Tuesdays & Thursdays (imagine that) we would wake up early before class and pour coffee and chat.

I’m serious.

Jiggy would make me breakfast some mornings, sometimes we would go to breakfast at one of our favorite spots on campus, like Josie’s or Philip’s Market (RIP). But even after she moved to Chicago (she will talk more about this in our chat!) we get together almost every weekend we’re both in town for a Saturday morning filled with a ton of coffee (or tea!!) & a breakfast date.

This week we picked the Three Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware and you guys – YOU HAVE TO GO. It’s stunning in there. (PSA: It does not open until 10 on Saturdays. I had to learn this the hard way. Lol)

So with that… enjoy our chat! If you love Jiggy you can find her blog at or follow her on Instagram (@jordanshull)!

Q: So tell me a little bit about yourself – where are you from (I know this will be debatable! lol), what do you do for a living, where do you live now?

A: Oh gosh yes you know this is a hard one for me!  Long story short I moved to Pikeville, KY with my family when I was 12 from a really small town in Illinois.  My parents moved to Pennsylvania when I was in college in Lexington which is when I started not knowing where to say I’m from.  I had stopped visiting Pikeville and it suddenly didn’t feel like home without my family there!  I then moved to Louisville after school for 3 years and now I’m in Chicago.   I think I’ll keep using my same strategy on picking where my home is which is waiting to see who the person I’m talking with is from and saying which state is the most relatable to them ☺  See I told you it was not a short answer!

I actually work in a corporate office here in Chicago as a senior tax accountant.  My company specializes in building and designing synthetic DNA strands which to be honest I don’t know a lot about so I stick to know what I know – taxes ☺

 Q: I think I’ll always think you’re FROM Pikeville, but thinking back I’m from Louisville so maybe that’s because it is the most relatable! I like that strategy. And love that you’re secretly a tax nerd. So… why did you decide to start a blog, and what is your blog about?

A: You know those girls out there that love to have artsy Instagram feeds and just “look like a blogger” but never officially say they have a blog?  That was definitely me.  I enjoyed taking blogger like pictures but never fully felt comfortable posting them until I started getting encouragement from several of my friends and people I didn’t even know really well!  So, I owe it to all of my friends ☺

Oh the blog…..this is technically my “tax season” right now so there has not been much time to spare for writing posts and taking pictures when It’s actually day light out but I created after all the encouragement to share my favorite outfits and other lifestyle ideas!  I would say about 5-6 years ago I really started getting into fashion.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved shopping and buying new things but when I started really paying attention to trends I started loving and appreciating the fashion industry even more.  It’s amazing how putting together a good outfit can make you feel so I love sharing my “OOTD’s” with people to help encourage/inspire them the way others have done for me!

Q: I love that. And you have the CUTEST style, which we will come back to. But – this intrigued me – this month you’re doing “Month of Me.” What is this and why did you decide to do it?

A: If I’m being completely honest I just needed a break from all the stresses in life but one more importantly – men.  Men are a lot of work!  Ladies, am I right?!!  I moved to Chicago after a break up where I kind of wanted to start a new “me” and have fun, meet new people and be a little more adventurous in my daily life.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my first 6-7 months of taking on that new “me” it’s that putting yourself out there at the age of 26 is just hard.  You have to focus on work, yourself and finding someone else that you can actually put up with ha ha!  Balancing all of those things was putting stress on me and my body so I decided to take a step back this month and do things for myself!  Aka – No.Dating.Apps.    Just kidding that isn’t all but heck it’s a big portion and must I say it’s been so nice to clear my head and focus on no one but me!

Q: I think that’s absolutely amazing, and it’s so important to listen to what your mind & body need and give yourself a break sometimes! What are some of the things you’ve done, or plan to do, for month of me?

A: I’ve had a lot of “treat yo self” moments this month and it has completely changed my attitude.  I’ve had a spa day to myself, I’ve been eating super healthy, drinking less and doing all the other things I love most in life but the most important thing I’ve been doing is praying!  We all get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to talk to the big man upstairs so I’ve made it a priority every single night.  It’s amazing how one little conversation before bed can turn your next morning around!

Q: Ok tbh that kind of made me tear up – it’s SO true and something that can so easily fall by the wayside! I have to get myself together over here. Here’s a fun one – what’s your favorite kind of coffee?

A: This is another hard question because I literally love it all.  Is it even possible to have a favorite when they all taste so good?  I will always love plain black coffee but if I could only have one brand for the rest of my life *crying thinking of that thought* I would go with the Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch flavor by Kauai coffee.  You can find it at pretty much any store!

 Q: Ummm I have NOT tried that, and I’m basically running to the store tonight to try it because it sounds ah-mah-zing. Most people may not even know this but you’re actually the person that introduced me to the Whole 30 diet. So – what’s your favorite Whole 30 go-to meal?

A: I didn’t even have to debate this one because I literally make it once or twice a week and it’s the easiest recipe ever!  I wouldn’t even necessarily say recipe because I came up with it on my own but I like to dice up zucchini and drizzle a little olive oil, salt, pepper and other spices on it then throw it into the oven on broil until its browned.  In the meantime I sauté onions, garlic and tomatoes on the stove top then add in Trader Joe’s chicken sausage.  Once those are cooked I’ll add in some Whole 30 approved tomato sauce along with some more spices while letting it simmer.  Once the zucchini is cooked I put the sauce with chicken sausage on top of it and voila!  It’s so good!

Q: Ok I have seen that on your Snapchat and have always wondered how you made it! It looks SO good. I have absolutely fallen in love with cooking and it’s one of my favorite things to do when I just have a little “me” time. So what’s your favorite thing to do when you just have some “me” time?

A: Me time is definitely my favorite time!  I don’t get a lot of chances throughout the work day to check social media so I usually start there.  I love to watch the news (yes I’m boring and old), Kentucky basketball obviously and spending time with girlfriends!

Q: Love that. A little Instagram, the Cats, and the girls. Doesn’t get much better than that! Ok so i promised we would come back to this – your style is SO cute. Where do you come up with outfit inspo?

A: I would definitely have to say my favorite way is by people watching!  I like to see what other people are putting together and come home to see what I have that is similar and put my own twist on it ☺

Q: Well I’m creepy and people watch YOU and attempt to dress like you even though I’m like an awkward 5 feet taller. Lol. Kind of kidding. Kind of not. So… where are your favorite stores to shop?

A: Nordstrom.  Nordstrom. And…Nordstrom ☺  Just kidding that’s not the only one but I would say I shop there 80% of the time!  I also love Zara, Madewell and H&M!

Q: Those are tough to beat. Nordstrom is literally amazing. Ok, last question. I know you’re sad this is coming to an end lol! Who are your favorite bloggers and/or blogs to actually read?

A: Obviously the Windy Blonde, duh! ☺  Over time I have found myself following blogs with a platform about food, home décor, fashion and so many other things so it’s hard to pick my favorite!  I always have trouble picking favorites with anything if you can’t tell because I truly love so many things and appreciate how different we all are!


Ok so did you guys LOVE that?! I kind of did! And I want your feedback – do you want to see more of this?! Do you want to be on my next installment of this type of coffee talk? Tell me everything! I will be back SO soon with another post of tidbits, a new recipe that I can’t stop eating, and more! Until then. Xo.


Coffee Talk: How Do You Beat the Winter Blues?

Hi friends!! How is everyone doing today?! Good week so far? Mine’s been pretty average – and it’s actually the inspiration for this post because it’s just been a little BLAH. Does anyone else feel this way?! I believe 100% in the winter blues. I mean I’m not over here crying in my coffee or anything but winter nights just feel like the same night on repeat.


Ok speaking of crying in your coffee – GO GRAB SOME! Because it’s Thursday and it’s coffee talk day and I’m already getting into the topic.

Do you have a mug? A cup? A shot of espresso?

Whatever your coffee preference is, take a sip.

I’m chillin’ on the bed with my girl (cat) Taffy and a piping hot mug of coffee. I’m about to throw some Vanilla Peptides in because I’m seeing signs of my old friend Mr. Forehead Wrinkle and I want him to go away.

Ok. Back to the topic. Today I have more of a question than advice or my thoughts on this topic. And that question is: How do you beat the winter blues?

Or more like – how do you get through the groundhog days of winter, where every day feels like the same? Is there anything fun you do after work that you look forward to? Are you crazy busy and you don’t really have this feeling? Are you a TV addict and you’re totally content chillin’ on the couch?

I feel like I cannot be the only one counting down the days until Spring and Googling vacations every single day of my life.


Ok so I just now realized that I really need to organize my blog a little more because I have some good stuff tucked away that even I don’t see that much anymore. Like this post on how to turn your week around. I just read it and was like wait that’s a good idea???


Maybe I’ll take a different way to work today?! Idk.

But for real, I want to know.

I guess I do a couple of things to beat the blues – I’ve taken up hot yoga twice a week at Studio Three (yes, I broke up with ClassPass, I don’t want to talk about it ok!??!) and I’ve started taking some long bubblebaths. So that’s fun. But then I hop out of the bubble bath and sit on the couch and stare at the TV and it all just feels the same.

Ben & I have also tried to get back in the swing of date nights, which we kind of got away from during the holidays. That helps. And one night a week we TRY *key word* to have a No Phone Night where we put our phones in another room and just hang out without staring at that dang screen.

But it still feels like I’m missing something.

So now you guys tell me. Plz. HOW DO YOU BEAT THE WINTER BLUES!?

I really want to know.

Please help a sister out.

REAL QUICK THO: I have a few news blurbs. Are you ready!?

I got a new camera!!!! And I’m seriously dying over it because the pics already look ah-mah-zing. I can’t wait to share more details. After this weekend I should have some new pics, too. I know nobody is probably as excited about this as me but I’m actually going to sell my Canon Rebel – SO – if you’re in the market for a DSLR that’s amazing for beginners, lmk.

I broke up with ClassPass. I know. I’m already ready to talk about it. But that’s because it actually made me fall in love with a studio! My time with ClassPass was kind of like being on Bumble and finding a bf on the first date. Lol. It was worth it though because I am obsessed with Studio Three. I’ve actually been going to yoga there for about 3-4 weeks now and I can see a HUGE improvement in my flexibility. I know, right? Things are getting pretty serious.

Last little blurb – I know my posts have been kind of maxed out at like 2 per week, but I have a ton of fun ideas coming down the pipe – coming up soon I’m going to share some breakfast on-the-go ideas, tell you guys about my love of dry brushing, share an Asian stir-fry recipe that is everythingggg, and I have a unique idea for a coffee talk that I think you guys will love.

Ok. That’s all I have for news.

Now it’s time for you guys to share  your winter blues secrets. OK!?!?

What do you guys do on these winter nights?! Do you read? Do you work out? Do you drink wine until you’re no longer bored? Tell me everything! Seriously. Plz. I want to know.

I’ll be back next week! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Xo.



Coffee Talk: Do You Believe in Fate?

Hi friends!! How is everyone doing today?! It’s freakin’ Thursday!!! But at the same time it totally feels like the longest week everrrrr. Right?! I woke up in the best mood but I think it’s because I felt like it should definitely be Friday.

But anyway.

Today I’m coming to you from Heritage Coffee Shop because I have actually been having a little cabin fever when it comes to writing and I just needed to get out of the house and write somewhere else and get a fresh perspective. So of course it’s like 7:30 and I have an hour and just started typing.



For real though, they kind of have the best coffee ever.

Ok so go ahead and pour yourself a niiiiiice big mug because I have a feeling this coffee talk could get a little deep today?! We’re dealing with a pretty heavy subject here: FATE. I feel like we can tackle these types of subjects now that we’re real friends though, ya know?

But it’s been on my mind lately because I am a huge believer in fate. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t really believe that every single tiny action throughout your day somehow affects your future, or that bad things happen because you did something wrong and deserve it or anything like that. But more that I feel like we’re nudged along the path we need to take. You know?

*CAN WE PAUSE HERE A SECOND* because I’m pretty sure Heritage is currently playing The O.C. Season 1 soundtrack and it’s making my life complete. Do yourself a favor and throw that bad boy on Spotify.

Ok. Back to our regularly scheduled coffee talk.

Here’s the thing. I definitely, 100% believe in signs.

Call it what you want – signs from the universe, signs from God, signs from your cat, whatever your beliefs may be – I do believe we get little hints here and there about what we should be doing.

I recently heard (or read? can’t remember) about the rule of threes. Like, if you feel 3 “hints” in a certain direction, that is the path you should take.

Has that ever happened to you?

I can specifically remember one summer feeling really torn about whether I should stay in Louisville or move to Lexington for the summer. And somewhere in my gut (remember? we talked about trusting your gut awhile back) I felt this pull to stay in Louisville but I didn’t know why. And then in the span of like 2 days, when I was supposed to make my decision, I got a call asking me back to my old job, I got a babysitting gig, and someone offered to sublet my place.

Seriously! All in the matter of a couple of days.

And I remember thinking THIS IS A SIGN.

So I followed it, and I remember having such an incredible summer. And it took me on such a different path than I would have had in Lexington. I think this was when it really clicked with me that I felt like things happen for a reason.

*CONFIRMED – it is The O.C. Season 1 soundtrack YASSSSS, Heritage. As if I couldn’t love you any more!!!*


I have already CHUGGED my coffee, btw. Feelin’ pretty good.

But the reason this has been on the forefront of my mind recently is because I have felt such a strong NUDGE to change a certain part of my life. I’m going to keep the deets to myself for now, and half of that is because I feel like decisions at this age (the ripe old age of 27, if you’re curious) carry so much more WEIGHT, right?! At this point it’s not just whether or not I live in my hometown or my college town for 3 months, but it actually affects people, you know?

So that’s why I want to know. Do you guys believe in fate?

Do you believe in the rules of threes? Or if you’re nudged a certain way you should take that path?

Or do you believe that every single action, small or huge, is already planned out?

Or do you think challenges just kind of come and go to make us question our decisions?

Or do you not believe in fate at all? Do you think life is just a series of random events?

Tell me everything!!

I’m SO curious what your thoughts are on this!! So please comment below, or text me, or Snapchat me (@jillbeangreen), or email me (, or Insta-story me, or write me a letter.

SERIOUSLY, I want to know your thoughts!!!

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here waiting for your responses with coffee #2 and jamming The O.C. Season 1 playlist in my headphones. Not kidding. At all.

I’ll be back next week, HOPEFULLYYYY with a new recipe (because I’m really into this right now) so be sure to check back! You guys are the BEST! Xo.


Coffee Talk: Let’s Be Real Friends

Hi sweet friends! How is everyone’s week going!? Not going to lie, I’ve had a pretty darn SOLID week! And it’s been pretty nice. Especially coming off of last week’s weirdness. Last night I went to hot yoga at Studio Three and you guys – I am seriously obsessed with this class. If you live in Chicago or you’re coming for a visit I highly, highly recommend!

Alright does everyone have their coffee?!

I know I do. Hehe.

But seriously can you go grab some real quick? Because it’s been a little while (two whole freakin’ weeks!!!) since our last coffee talk and I’m having withdrawals.

Is it just me?

Ok so if you haven’t been here for a coffee talk before, coffee talks are every Thursday (except for the last two weeks) and the idea is like you & me are just chillin’, chattin’, and sippin’ on some coffee like old friends.


I feel like I have so many new friends lately!!!! To all of you guys that have been reaching out and messaging me or just asking me random questions, I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE IT and our conversations are literally making my day!!

But back to coffee talks REAL QUICK.

If this is your first time, and you kind of love it, be sure to catch up on some of our old chats! Some of y’alls favorites are the coffee talks about date nights, working out, and my faux engagement story (this one is definitely a crowd fave lol).

So right now I want to share a little and open up and talk about the realness happening in my life. Because I see all these new names and new faces and I’m SO flattered that you guys even care what I have to say, but honestly, I want to feel like we’re FRIENDS you know?

And how can we even be friends if you guys only see my Whole 30 bowls and not even know that I used to be a Wendy’s nugget addict?

So let’s actually chat. Like, get to know each other. I’m going to share some stuff. And I hope you guys share some stuff, too.

It’ll be, like, the best coffee talk ever.

So I’ll just dive right in lol. I live with my boyfriend, Ben, in Chicago. We’ve been together for 4 years which is still so crazy to say (read about our anniversary weekend in the Wisconsin countryside here). He’s the sweetest, smartest, and silliest person ever. And I guess he’s kina cuuuuuute. 🙂

HUBBA HUBBA. Lol. He’s gonna kill me for posting this hahaha.

We live in the Lakeview neighborhood on a cozy little side street and I absolutely love our sweet little apartment (you can also see home tours here and here but I’m kind of a design ADDICT so it is ever-changing and honestly already looks different lol).

Our patio, aka my fave summer hangout spot that I’m going to miss SO MUCH

Sadly we are going to be moving at the end of April (TEARS) because our landlord is selling, and it’s a little small to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever walked from my doorway to my closet without NAILING my leg on my dresser and then stepping on the poor cat because there’s about 6 inches of space in between the dresser in my bed. So yeah. We just need a little more space.

Oh – and speaking of cat. I’m a mother…

…to a 1 1/2 year old kitten named Taffy.

Taffy was rescued from PAWS in Chicago (which sounds super dramatic, we basically walked in and she looked us in the eyes and we were obsessed and took her home). She’s super weird and super talkative and she’s actually my very first pet ever so I’m super in love. If you follow me on Instagram (@thewindyblonde) PLZ take a peek at my Instagram story to see her weird side. She basically thinks she’s a human and thinks she needs to shower in the mornings. It’s kind of adorable.

When it comes to work, I’m a mortgage loan processor for company that specializes in Veteran loans, so that part is really fulfilling. I’m obsessed with my coworkers, and the whole environment is just super laid-back. I get to wear jeans, and we have the TV on all day, and I get to park next to our building which is *CLUTCH* for downtown Chicago.

But even though it’s amazing, it can also be a little draining, which is why I started my blog! I really just needed a creative outlet. So when I first started blogging I talked a lot about restaurants in Chicago. And as my health changed (you can read more about that here) and I started eating healthier, I just started incorporating that into my blog and now here I am!

My blog is also a huge part of my life. I try not to be annoying and talk about it all the time but I seriously love it! People always ask me how I have time to work on it, and I honestly just get up super early in the mornings to work on it, because after work I’m just drained. But it’s not easy. I literally have to put my phone across my bedroom (which is like 2 feet away, see above) and MAKE myself get up to turn it off so I can get my booty out of bed. (BTW if you have an interest in starting a blog, I’ve written about blogging tips and also a step-by-step guide to create your own!)

My parents still live in Louisville and I absolutely LOVE to visit them (I’m obsessed with Louisville, it’s the cutest), my brother just got married and lives in Lexington, my sweet 92 year old grandma lives in Athens, Ohio (remind me to tell you guys about her KFC story, it’s kind of hilarious), and I have an AMAZING group of friends – some live here in Chicago (I think there’s about 5 or 6 of us here now?!), and the rest are scattered all over – New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Lexington. I’m obsessed with them.

La Familia

I am also super, super close with Ben’s family. His parents live in the Chicago suburbs and we get to see them a couple times a month, and his brother & sister-in-law live in Cincinnati. They are seriously my second family. I feel SO lucky that I have them in my life!

OK. So now I’m going to spit some quick fun facts at you, and then I want you guys to tell me about YOU!!! Tell me about what you do for a living, or your hobbies, or your favorite workout, or your favorite color, or your own quick fun facts. I want you to tell me everything!!!

And don’t feel weird about it, I just want to get to know each other!


  • I’m tall. Like 5’10”-on-a-short-day tall.
  • I love melancholy, acoustic music. Like Ray LaMontange, Vance Joy, and the Lumineers on repeat all day, every day.
  • I’m also a podcast fiend.
  • I’m addicted to salt (seriously) and I put it on everything.
  • I am also addicted to PJ’s.
  • OH and popcorn.
  • I know this is weird but I only wear neutral colors. I have like 2 colorful things in my closet, one of them is that red dress in the pic above. Idk why. There’s really no reason behind it.
  • I’m a homebody/grandma-at-heart and love nothing more on a Saturday night than some wine & a movie on my couch.
  • I don’t work out but I’M TRYING. I’m really into yoga right now.
  • I love minimalism and really want to be a minimalist but I also love shopping so there’s that.
  • Madewell is my fave store, and if I do shop, I shop there.
  • Or Anthro because #CANDLES.

Ok I think that’s it. I feel like you guys REALLY know me now. Lol.

Are you ready?! NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!!!!! Tell me everything! Le’s be real friends!! Xo.