Weekend Wrap-Up: Call Me Bob Ross

Hey guys!!! How have you been?! I feel like it’s been SO long since I’ve posted even though it was less than a week ago. So, as promised in my Insta-story, I wanted to explain why I was basically MIA all week.

And it’s kinda personal.

It was honestly one of those weeks where everything was kinda going wrong. Things at work were starting to get to me personally, our sweet little apartment went on the market, and I literally had no energy to work on my blog last weekend.




I feel like I hit a crossroads in my life this week. I know it sounds really dramatic but I’m kind of downplaying the personal drama that went down in the matter of like 3 days.

And here’s the thing. I feel like I’ve hit a little wall with blogging – like I’ve kind of lost my energy for it. But I want to explain why.

So I’m going to give you guys a little anecdote here.

When I was little, my dad and brother used to take me to the driving range. And I would walk right up to the tee and swing as hard as I could and the ball would go flying and I’d be super proud, right? Sure, it was only a few yards or whatever but it was still exciting to me. So I’d swing a couple more times, hit the ball, blah blah blah. And then my dad & brother would offer me suggestions so I could hit it even further.

(Hang with me, I promise this is going somewhere).

They’d tell me to change my grip.

Or bend my knees a little more.

Or put my hands this way or that way.

And then by the time I took in all the advice and tried to swing the club the way I was told, I wouldn’t hit one ball. I’d whiff every one. And then I would forget how I swung in the beginning and I would get all frustrated and want to quit.


I think I’ve been doing way too much of what I feel like I “should” be doing versus what just feels right to me. I read so much blogging “advice” and all it does is stress me out about GROWTH and MONETIZATION and NICHES and it’s kind of making me lose the desire.

Sure, maybe I won’t have 150,000 followers on Insta by doing things my way, but I’m happy with my 1,500. Maybe I won’t hit the ball out of the freakin’ driving range, but I’ll hit it. I don’t want to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel.

I enjoy blogging but I still want this to be a hobby. Would I love to do this full time? Ummm, DUH. But at the same time I know in order to make this a business I need to treat it like a business and basically ask people to buy crap so I can get paid for it. And that’s just not my style. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s amazing that people have made this into a career and I love supporting other bloggers and buying products that they link and promote.

Buuuuuut I just can’t do it. It’s not me.

So I’ve just been kind of stumped on my content because I feel like I need to always promote stuff for people to buy when really I just want to talk about life and food because they’re my fave subjects.

Basically going forward I just want to get back to swinging the club MY way. I don’t want to act like I’m some savvy businesswoman that I’m NOT. And if that means I stop growing or people stop following then so be it but I have a sneaky little feeling you guys are sick of that type of blogger too.

So. With that being said.

My weekend started with something that was the PERFECT ending to a hectic/emotionally stressful week: WINE & PAINTING (hence the title of this post, Call Me Bob Ross. Dang. Maybe it should have been Bob Rosé?!)



I partnered up with Bottle & Bottega and they were nice enough to let Ben & I come try out their class. And like I said, it couldn’t have come at a better time because it was so laid back and therapeutic and it really just allowed me to decompress and have FUN.

Ben & I went to their BFF & date night class at their Lakeview location – which is perfect because it’s super close to mi casa and also conveniently located next to Left Coast (!!).

So we aproned up, got a little wine buzz on during their happy hour (which is perfect because it allows you to mingle & meet some new friends), and got started painting!

The best thing about Bottle & Bottega is that even though they’re guiding you through a painting, you can really make it whatever you want. Ben & I branched out and got pretty “creative” I guess you could say, but you could just as easily follow the instructors and actually pick up a few tips!

what it was “supposed” to look like…
versus our final paintings… HA!!

The class lasted about 3 hours total from the happy hour till we were done but it seriously felt like it flew by because we were having such a fun time! There’s a little music playing, everyone’s chatting and sipping wine, it’s such a nice ambiance in there.


It was actually so relaxing that Ben & I basically went home and passed out at 11. But you guys – it really was a perfect date night or girls night idea and I highly recommend going!! OH AND – this coming Tuesday, the 24th, the Lakeview location is hosting a Paint Your Pet event where you bring in a picture of your pet and they will help guide you through painting it!

I thought it was pretty cool and honestly I already want to go back so I can create a Taffy masterpiece.

But anyway.

Saturday morning here in Chicago the weather was freakin’ AMAZING. After I cleaned my apartment (does anyone else do this EVERY Saturday like your life depends on it?!) Ben & I went to brunch at Barcocina (another neighborhood fave) and I got the pork belly tacos.

Def not Whole 30, but if you saw my Insta-story, it was just one of those weekends that I just had to take a moment out of the Whole 30 / Paleo mindset. Lol.


After the tacos, I met my besties Jordan & Maggie for a little lakeside walk. We literally walked for MILES and it was so beautiful I seriously didn’t want to stop.

But eventually we stopped for more FOOD because DUH.

And I got a cheeseless pizza at Happy Camper which, let’s be honest, doesn’t exactly sound appetizing but it was freakin’ good. (I can’t eat dairy if you’re wondering why I would EVER go cheeseless).

The rest of the night was spent on the couch with my girls, with a million blankets, two bottles of wine, and two movies. I watched Bad Moms for probably the 100th time in 2 weeks and we watched Room with Brie Larsen which is SO GOOD but also kind of depressing.

Sunday we slept, ate more, and watched the PATS win!!! WOOOOO!!!!

(Yes I’m a closet Patriots fan, I get it from Ben).

So there ya have it. A weekend for the books.

I really wish I could rewind to Saturday.

But tell me… what did you do this weekend? Did you have nice weather where you were, too? Try any new date spots? Eat any cheeseless pizza?!? Tell me everything!!! I will be back soon. Until then! Xo.



  1. We had a game night with our friends. If you have not plated Codenames you need to! It’s so fun! Sunday we went to the Falcons game!!! #RISEUP

  2. you do you, boo! honesty is what’s most appreciated by a blog-reader 🙂

    think I can catch an overnight flight and make it to the painting with my best pic of Walter!?

    also, #emotionaleatersunite

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