Burning Sage

As you may know, I have a friend named Dorothy. Her nickname is Tutu so that’s what I’ll call her from here forward. Anyway, Tutu is kind of like my witch doctor. She’s the one that taught me about qi, cold-pressed juice, and always knows the health benefits of anything natural – bees wax, apple cider vinegar, the list could go on and on. I feel like whenever we hang out I learn about something new that I want to try.

So most recently, we were chatting about relationships and the tension that sometimes comes with living with your s/o. And that’s when she taught me about burning sage.


As you probably know, sage is most widely known as an herb used in cooking. But burning sage is an ancient practice used to purify your home, clean your energy, and lift your spirits. This is called “smudging.”

I know, I know, this is totally hippie.

Tutu suggested that I try it the next time it felt “tense” in our apartment to clear the energy and start fresh. So I went to Whole Foods, grabbed a bundle for about $5, and kept it on hand. I’m not gonna lie, it looks a little bit odd. It’s not like an incense stick or something, it’s a big bundle of green herbs tied with a little string. I wasn’t really expecting this. And trying to take a glamour shot of this wasn’t exactly easy. I literally had to go buy some flowers to spruce it up.

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But anyway I kept it on hand, and one night I decided to try it out and see if it really did clear the energy in the house. In order to burn the sage, you basically want to just light the ends of it. I use one of those long lighters for candles, and I just hold it close to the tip of the bundle until a few pieces catch. They burn out pretty quickly, but the smoke itself will let off the sage fumes. Then once I’m done I just run it under some water in the sink to put it out.

The idea is to kind of walk around with it and focus on corners and doorways. I just kind of skip around through the house with it like a baton LOL.

The scent is pretty unique. I can’t really explain it. It definitely doesn’t smell like incense or a candle or anything like that. It’s like burning herbs & spices. But it is super neutralizing for household smells without using Febreeze or other chemical-laden air fresheners. It really only smells for about 5 minutes, and then it fades away and just smells like nothing.

So how did it work? It actually seemed to invoke a sense of calm. Kind of like the scent of lavender. And maybe it was a total placebo effect but it did feel like the whole atmosphere of the apartment was just a little less stuffy. It’s like it literally cleared the air. You know?

Now when I use it, I burn it after late-night qi treatments to continue my zen state, or just in the morning to freshen up the house without opening windows.

So tell me… is this something you would try? Or do you think it’s a crock of you-know-what? Tell me everything! Xo.


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