Coffee Talk: How Do You Spend Your Alone Time?

    Hi sweet friends! How is your week going so far?! Mine has been so laid back it’s freaking me out. I really don’t know what to do with this extra time I have. I’ve found myself at the grocery store multiple times already this week – why I go there when I’m bored, I’m not sure, but honestly that’s what I’ve been up to!

    How about you?! Do you have your coffee ready? Is it a PSL?!? (Fun fact: I had my very first #PSL last fall and I secretly loved it even though it was so basic white girl of me. It’s like a hug in a cup.)


    I’m currently typing this Wednesday night and I’m curled up in bed with a Spiced Pumpkin candle burning, a little Your Favorite Coffee House Spotify playlist happening, some hot sleepy tea on my nightstand, and my kitten at my feet. I feel so content and so fall.

    Funny story – it probably sounds so peaceful, you know – me all cuddled up and my pumpkin candle burning on the nightstand. But today at the grocery (seriously, I’m there all the time) I decided I would buy a new lighter stick so that I could light all of these amazing $3 Jewel-Osco candles I’ve been acquiring the past few days.

    So I pick one up – looks normal, black handle, long stem for some easy candle-lighting.

    And I got home, SUPER excited to light my new candle with my new cool lighter that I don’t have to flick 8 billion times because it’s out of juice.

    Turns out I bought a freakin’ BLOW TORCH.

    This thing shoots a legit FLAME.

    I feel like I need to be wearing one of those intense masks that you see in the movies when they’re cutting metals or something when all I’m trying to do is just light a tiny candle!!!

    It’s out of hand.

    So anyway. When you think my night sounds so perfect and content just think about me with my blowtorch just trying not to burn off my newly tinted eyebrows just to get a whiff of some pumpkin in my life.


    I keep getting distracted.

    Back to the point of this post… It’s THURSDAY! Which means it’s COFFEE TALK DAY! And also my favorite day of the week, and also a few of yours as well based on my feedback from yesterday’s post! Woo!!! Cheers to that!

    If this is your first coffee talk, WELCOME! The idea behind coffee talks is to just connect with you guys and have an open convo about whatever is going on in my life and your life so I can feel like we’re just hanging out, drinking a couple PSLs and laughing about my incognito blow torch.

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    Last week we talked about going off the grid, and most of you agreed that you could be better about not being on your phone all the time and just being more present. I think in today’s world that’s pretty normal. Others of you, though, had some pretty specific rules about phone use – like not checking your phone or email until you’ve finished your morning routine (IMPRESSIVE.) or leaving your phone in another room when you get home. I think I might try the first one soon and see how it goes?! May or may not have a panic attack though.

    This week I wanted to talk about something super relevant to me right now and that’s ALONE TIME.

    And more specifically, how you spend it.

    I don’t know about you but I think alone time is SO important for my mental well-being. It’s literally how I re-charge, and when I’m feeling a little off, it’s the best way for me to feel like myself again. I know some people aren’t like that, but it just feels like I hit reset when I have some time to just be by myself.

    I live with my boyfriend Ben, and a couple nights a week he will have plans and I’ll have a little alone time (especially during football season) and I typically spend it the exact same way: I like to come home, throw my hair in a bun & put my PJs on (at like 5:30 PM), cook an easy dinner, pour myself a fat pour of Apothic Red, eat some Peppermint Bark Thins, and watch a completely mindless TV show. I really, truly, honestly think that’s my favorite way to spend my time alone.

    I always plan on doing something more productive like working out or reading or taking a bath (is that productive? idk) but I feel like alone time is so precious to me I just want to do exactly what I want to do.

    Are you the same way?

    Do you have a go-to alone-time routine? Like treating yourself to a mani-pedi? Getting some extra work done maybe? Going to sleep early? Binge-watching Netflix?

    Or do you get some alone time every night?

    Or do you get none at all?

    I want to know everything! Seriously, comment below, text me, call me, write it in a corn field, I don’t care! I just want to finish our convo!

    In the meantime, DON’T FORGET that I’m still hosting my Vital Proteins giveaway and you have the chance to enter ALL WEEK by merely commenting and letting me know your favorite blog topics on The Windy Blonde! So basically you might as well just comment below, tell me about your fave way to spend your alone time, and also share your favorite topic!

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    I will be back next week after a quick little trip to Nashville for the weekend! Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (@jillbeangreen) and Instagram (@thewindyblonde) to see my weekend adventures! Xo.