coffee talk: home reveal + a new chapter

Hi sweet friends!!! How are you today?!

I am finallyyyyy sharing some pictures of my new place. But that would take all of 3 seconds for you to scroll through, so while you do, I’m going to talk about something kind of totally different.

So you’re probably wondering what I mean in my title by a new chapter, right?

Yeah. Well. Let’s take a collective sip of coffee because it’s not really good news for le blog.

You guys. I tried. I really did. But honestly I’m so over it right now. I’m over all of it. I’m over Instagram, I’m over blogging, I’m over affiliate stuff, I’m over it all.

I took a break a few weeks ago to slow down, come back, rebrand a little bit. I thought it would help and I thought it would reignite my flame. And it did for a solid, solid week. But then it left just as quickly as it came. When I took a break, I really saw life without blogging in it, and it felt way too good.

I recently went to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling very well (SUPER foggy-brained, no energy at all, and to top it off I’d been gaining some weight). So we did a ton of blood tests and basically I was completely healthy. So my doctor and I talked about the rest of my life and what might be causing me to be a foggy-brained hot mess (my words, not hers lol). She told me to close my eyes and just listen and tell her the first thing that came to my mind.

I told her I just felt really, really anxious. And when we got to the root of it, my blog was a huge cause of a lot of anxiety. We talked a lot about perfectionism and how it’s affecting me. And my blog also sometimes brings out those feelings of perfectionism and it’s not really helping.

Then I stumbled upon this quote.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” · Whitson Gordon

It really, completely hit home for me. We make things so complicated sometimes when really they’re so simple. And in this case I just need to strip it down to its basics: the blog has been stressing me out and it hasn’t been fun and I need to move on.

I’m still keeping the blog open, I’m not like shutting it down or anything. And I really might be back with some coffee talks every now and then. But as for THE Windy Blonde?

I’m just going back to being JILL.

Seriously. Even on my Instagram (@jillgreen_)

And my plans are to focus on my personal life and my hobbies. I’ve actually started to pick up the momentum quite a bit with my photography (so if you need some pics, totally feel free to hit me up). And at the request of some of my friends I am MORE than happy to help you shop for and/or decorate your house (not kidding at all, if someone actually wants to hire me for this I would be probably the happiest person in the world).

But other than that you can find me at my happiest place: at home, with some coffee in hand, in my pajamas, covered in blankets, and probably watching It’s Complicated.

So thank you all for your love and support, and hopefully you’ll still follow along on my day-to-day life on Insta.  Cheers babes! Xo.


(Also: since I know you will ask – you can shop my pieces below – none are affiliate links, but in case you were curious! xoxo)

(Also, also: I found this apartment by stalking Craigslist. Seriously. I knew exactly where I wanted to live so every day I logged on, switched it to the map view, and checked every apartment in the ‘hood. Then when this one popped up I was the first to reach out and that’s how we got it!)

Couch (fabric is Bull Natural)Coffee TableGray ReclinerMint Green Pillow CoverGold SkullWoven RugSheepskin RugCopper Tray Chicago Wooden ScriptKentucky Poster

some tidbits

Remember these!?

Yeah I know, it’s been awhile.

But I wanted to share some of my favorite posts right now. Because as I go back and forth on my blog and what I want to accomplish with it, I realize that a lot of the stuff that I want to talk about has been talked about. So I want to focus on my real life – something that nobody else can really talk about – and just share my source of info for all things wellness (which I LOVE).

And btw, I think I’m over the whole affiliate link / promo thing. None of these are affiliate links, none of them are promoted in any way, I just genuinely love these posts & products.

So let’s begin, shall we?!?! *takes HUGE slurp of coffee*

Did you know that walking around with your shoes off can be beneficial for your health?

I figured out my chronotype and it has motivated me to stay away from carbs at dinner (which has actually HUGELY helped my energy levels after work!) (…oh and P.S. I’m a Lion, of course).

Currently reading this book (and already loving it because it’s super informative about all things hormones – I highly recommend if you have issues with your period, fertility, libido, or if you’re like me and fertility is something on the brain for the future).

(….and no I don’t mean immediate future, for anyone whose eyes perked up LOL)

You may have seen this on my Instagram story but I cannot get enough of my facial steamer. The one linked is less than $35, too. The benefits?

  • Cleans pores
  • Enhances circulation
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Removes toxins & impurities
  • Makes your face more receptive to treatments (i.e. your cleansers and moisturizers will be more effective)
  • Moisturizes
  • Smoothes skin

I’m not trying to be all dramatic or anything but after I use it I look like I came straight from Botox.

Ok, yeah, that was a little dramatic.

Moving on.

I’m a HUGE fan of bralettes (underwire & me don’t get along), but I bought this bra from Victoria’s Secret this weekend and it feels like I have nothing on. Again, with the drama, but I’m dead serious. The other day I wore it out to run errands and I kept having OMG I forgot my bra! moments, but I was wearing it. It’s super lightweight. If you order online, just a head’s up, it does run a little small (which, like NEVER happens with me & bras LOL) so if you’re in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up!

Oh and P.S. they’re 2 for $50.

So you know I moved (I know, I know you guys are like WE GET IT JILL) but right now I’m obsessed with interiors, especially on Pinterest. I stumbled upon this pic (below) and I decided this is basically my dream interior right now. See the full post with more pictures here.

Click for source

Oh… and did I mention I’m finally sharing some pics of my new place?! I know… it’s about damn time LOL.

I think these are happening tomorrow. Coffee talk + how to move without turning into a psycho + pics of the new place, maybe?!

Just thinking out loud.

Anyway. Now I want to know – do you have any favorite posts from other bloggers you want to share?! Any Pinterest finds that have you swooning? Another bra suggestion? Books?! Tell me everything! Xo.


food: this week’s menu 5/8/17

Hi friends! How was everyone’s weekend!? My mom, Mumsy, came into town Thursday night and we spent the entire weekend just hangin’ out, chillin’, eatin’, and drinking a ton of coffee. It was sooo nice. This is the first place I’ve had in Chicago where I can actually host someone in a spare bedroom, so it was kind of a big deal.

My dad actually ended up driving to Chicago on Sunday, too, because he had something come up for work last-minute. So it was even better that I could see them both! But it also means grocery + meal prep gets moved to today (Monday), so this is more like what I’m going to eat instead of what I’m eating right now. Ya dig?


Photo Source: @thecrunchyradish

How. Amazing. Does. This. Look.

All credit goes to @thecrunchyradish on Instagram. I screenshotted this bad boy. My mouth was also kind of watering.

BUT – I am a huge fan of breakfast casseroles. They save SO much time in the mornings, all you have to do is throw them in the microwave for a hot minute (pun intended) and they’re super good.

Again I’m going to alter this recipe (the original recipe is in her Instagram post). Because I can’t eat cheese and I don’t know what “ramps” are and maybe I should but it doesn’t sound like something I would like anyway sooooo….

  • 1 pkg chicken sausage
  • 1 bag spinach, sautéed
  • 1 case baby bella mushrooms
  • 7 Vital Farms eggs
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Pepper
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Baked at 375 for 30 minutes


Monday is going to be a Sweetgreens salad since I can’t prep Sunday night, but the rest of the week I’m planning on:

  • Grilled chicken thighs marinated in my favorite-ever Shawarma sauce from Whole Foods (see my Whole 30 essentials post for the sauce)
  • Roasted beets (I’m OBSESSED)
  • Roasted carrots (they actually go really well with beets)
  • Roasted asparagus (because I need some greens)


  • Salmon + brussels + butternut squash
  • Steak fajitas w/ lettuce wraps + organic refried black beans + margaritas (because I totally missed Cinco De Mayo and need an excuse for a marg)
  • Butternut squash noodles + Whole Foods Italian chicken sausage + Rao’s Arrabbiata (one of my favorite sauces EVER, again you can find a pic in my Whole 30 essentials guide)

So… what are you guys having for meals this week? Any recipes? Any tips? Tell me everything! Xo.


coffee talk: the day my metabolism came to a screeching halt

Hi friends!!! How is everyone doing today?! I am in the BEST mood because my mom, Mumsy, gets here tonight and we are spending the whole weekend just hanging out, shopping, and drinking more coffee than we can handle. I cannot WAIT. But now I’m ferociously typing this, running late (of course lol) because I decided it was a good idea to assemble two ginormous lamps last night instead of working on it.



So do you guys have your coffee? I am CHUGGING.

BUT I wanted to talk about this topic today because I know so many of you, if not all, can totallyyyyy relate. And it’s super relevant in MY life right now and something that some people are too embarrassed to talk about.

It’s touchy, you know?

But I want to talk about my METABOLISM.

And the day it came to a screeching halt.

So let’s back up a minute.

It’s 2011, and per usual, I am stuffing Wendy’s nugs and a large fry in my mouth and washing it down with a Diet Coke (my Diet Coke days were a brief but serious love affair). And ANY time I ate this meal in front of anyone older I ALWAYS heard the inevitable.

“You should enjoy that now while you can, one day your metabolism is going to slow down and that’ll go straight to your hips.”


“I used to be able to eat that, but then my metabolism slowed down. Now look at me!”

We’ve all heard this, right? Maybe even in middle or high school?

Yeah. Well.

I would just roll my eyes, think that maybe I was one of the lucky ones that could just always eat what they wanted and never gain a pound.

Well y’all IT HAPPENED.

And it happened FAST.

And it didn’t happen mid-NUG like the old days, it happened mid-Chipotle, mid-bottle-of-wine, mid-I-have-a-little-candy-craving-so-I’m-going-to-eat-a-piece. It seriously felt FEELS like any time I take a “break” from my Paleo-ish eating habits that I can immediately see it.

You may think it’s all in my head, that I’m being dramatic, but honestly? My clothes haven’t been fitting right. Things look different on me. And swimsuit shopping for trips kind of felt like a nightmare. Hasn’t ANYONE figured out a way to change those lights so you don’t have cellulite…umm….EVERYWHERE?!

So yeah. I just wanted to talk about this. Because I know I’m not alone. I know I can’t be the only one that had this WHOA moment and finally felt their metabolism “catching up to them” like all the older ladies said it would.

Crazy right?

But you guys. I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve started making some adjustments that are just necessary at this stage of life. INCLUDING!

  • Working out (yes, I’m back on Class Pass, I feel like I got back together with an old boyfriend and expect it to work this time around, but I’m TRYING.)
  • Shifting my carbs to earlier in the morning (more deets below)
  • Buying bigger clothes and BEING OK WITH IT. I have made a promise to myself that I am not going to get hung up on numbers or the SMLXL letters. I just have to buy what fits and that’s ok.
  • Shifting my MINDSET to be alright with a little extra love around the waist. Because nobody cares about that but YOU, you know that right?

So what should you do if you feel like you’re going through the same thing?

  1. Don’t stop eating!!! Eat more frequently + smaller portions. (see my menu from earlier this week for what I’m eating – plus, in between meals I have a granny smith apple for energy and natural beef jerky for additional protein). I know it’s counter-intuitive to eat more to stay slim, but your metabolism needs constant feeding to stay burning. Just watch your portions! I have been using actual measuring cups for carbs so I don’t overdo them.
  2. Plan your meals around your carbs. Eat more carbs in the morning and cut back as the day goes on. This has been an adjustment for me because I love me some rice, but it’s necessary to keep your body fueled correctly and prevent the carbs from being stored as you-know-what.
  3. Drink a TON of water. And drink it cold. A hydrated body is crucial to optimal metabolic function, and cold water is even more beneficial because your body has to heat up a little more to warm it up. If you drink 6 cups of cold water a day, your body may burn up to an additional 50 Calories. And that adds up QUICK (think: 5 lbs / year).
  4. Spice it up. Speaking of heating up the bod – it’s well-known that spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism. Throw some red chili flakes on your eggs in the morning or a little cayenne pepper on your roasted veggies for some kick. Stay away from sriracha which has a TON of nasty preservatives and added sugars.
  5. Put the bottle down (or at least make smarter cocktail choices). Look – I know it can be tough to be social and watch the drinking but alcohol is so high in empty calories! It may not be realistic for you to stop drinking all together but even just having 3 craft beers is the equivalent of a super heavy meal. Just make smarter choices – stick with wine (especially red for some antioxidants) or vodka with soda water and a lemon. Personally, I LOVE a good martini. And I only need one.
  6. Invest in organic foods. Yes, seriously. Toxins in pesticides can actually make it harder for your fat-burners to function, and can literally slow down your metabolism. It’s worth the extra $$ to eat quality, pesticide-free meats & produce.
  7. Go to your doctor. A gradually slowing metabolism is normal and natural as we age, but if you’re doing all the right things and still gaining weight, it is definitely time for a doctor visit. Thyroid issues and vitamin deficiencies can be sneaky culprits. Have your doctor check and make sure everything is functioning OK! (I’m actually in the process of this now!)

So… now it’s time for you guys to tell me… did you have a MOMENT that you felt your metabolism slowed down? Or do you feel like your metabolism has been slow forever? Is there anything you specifically do to keep your body burnin’? Tell me everything! Xo.


wellness: you should take a multivitamin

So I’m trying to switch up my style a little bit when it comes to posts. I think part of the stresses of blogging for me happened because I always felt the need to write a lot of content and share a lot of pictures. And that’s hard. So it only happened a couple of days a week.

But now I’m wanting to switch things up a little. And write a little less. But give a little more info. And share a little more often. You know?

So each week I’ll post something about WELLNESS. Because it’s kind of one of my favorite topics.

This week I want to talk about multivitamins because I feel like there’s so much conflicting research about them. I’ve watched documentaries and read articles preaching their importance, and others that make me feel like the vitamin industry is all a huge scam and we need to get our nutrients from food.

But last month, I read about Lo Bosworth’s stint of depression and how it stemmed from a vitamin deficiency (this article is 100000% worth a read). It really opened my eyes to the fact that no matter how healthy you eat you can still be vitamin deficient without even realizing it.

Especially if you’re like me and don’t eat a super-diverse diet (I have the same things to eat almost every day).

Last week I was in a little bit of a funk, and once I got back from my trip, I ran to the grocery to pick up a daily multivitamin after thinking about Lo’s experience and how her deficiency affected her mood. I know this is going to sound dramatic, but I almost instantly felt lifted out of my funk and actually have energy and feel like myself since I started taking it.

I picked up Rainbow Light’s Women’s One Food-Based Multivitamin from Whole Foods (I love that it’s food-based, and it has an amazing mix of vitamins that help support energy including Vitamin D and B-12).

Do I think I was vitamin deficient?

Maybe. My diet has been all over the place due to travel and moving.

But I can’t deny that it has helped. So for now – I’m sticking with it.

So tell me – do you take a daily multivitamin? Any other vitamins to supplement that? Do you think it’s all just a money-making scheme? Tell me everything! Xo.