Classic Investment Pieces

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s already Friday but TBH I’m sooooo ready for this week to be over! My parents get into town today, so I get to spend the weekend in the city with them and I can’t wait! Plus I’m pooped from all the travel. I’m sitting here with my collagen eye masks on and crossing my fingers they will help cover up my dark circles! (P.S. These were a huge hit on Snapchat – I had a ton of questions about them! And I found them here if you’re like me and prefer everything shipped to your door).

But anyway.

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite recent investment piece finds!

When I’m shopping for clothes, I stick to a basic rule. I really only allow myself to buy super “trendy” clothes from stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on something that could be out of style next week. When it comes to classics, though, I will let myself splurge a little bit. Are you the same way? I just feel like it’s an investment and I’m the type of person to carry the same purse and wear the same shoe every single day so I definitely get my money’s worth out of my investment pieces.

With that being said, I recently broke down and FINALLY invested in a couple of amazing pieces that will last me years!

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I have been eyeing this Madewell tote for… hmm… 3 or 4 years at this point? I don’t know what took me so long to get it. I honestly think it’s because I couldn’t decide if I wanted brown or black. I finally settled on brown and promised myself that I will splurge on the black this winter. Because honestly I’m obsessed. It’s SO roomy and perfect for work days where I can just throw my laptop in there, travel where I can basically use it as a 2nd carry-on, and everyday wear because it’s classy AF.

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My second find? These amazing jeans. Omg. I found them completely on accident. I had to try on a top and just needed to see what it would look like with dark skinnies and I fell in love. I swear these are magic pants. My legs look slimmer and longer and the high waist tucks in my tummy and hits RIGHT at that sweet spot of your midsection that is the skinniest, so they are just super flattering. And they’re just as cute with a tee as they are with a going-out top. And they hit perfectly on the ankle so they don’t have to be rolled (rolling the jeans is on its way out).

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So. Yeah. Basically I highly recommend these jeans.

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And these sunnies? Just a fun little add-on! They’re from Madewell, also, and they’re surprisingly durable (AND ALSO ON SALE!). And super cute in my opinion. I love blue-reflecting shades! (But they also come in a couple of other cute colors!)

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My shirt is from Heritage and sadly it’s not available online. BOO! I’ve literally worn it for 6 days straight. I’m actually wearing it right now. If you’re in Chicago (or planning a trip!) stop by the store on Lincoln and grab one!

So tell me… Do you also like to splurge a little on investment pieces? Are you a Forever-21-til-I-die kinda girl? Or do you avoid those stores at all costs? Tell me everything! I’ll be back Monday with a fun new post! See you then. Xo.



Coffee Talk: How Do You Plan?

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! You already know it’s my favorite day of the week because it’s coffee talk time! Grab some coffee (I am about two cups in with no end in sight) and let’s chat!

So last week I took a little break from posts BUT the week before we talked about how I was super jealous of the little ones going back to school because I miss that fresh start feeling. Most of you agreed that fall felt like a fresh start for you, too.

And by most of you I’m mostly referring to Mumsy who was my only text on the subject. So this means 2 things…

  1. My post just wasn’t juicy enough.
  2. Y’all forgot the daggon rules.

The rules for coffee talks are pretty easy. I mean, there’s only one. You’re supposed to give me your feedback on the topic. Seriously I really want to know what you think too! You can comment, text me, Snapchat me (cough @jillbeangreen cough), Facebook me, tweet me, leave me a voicemail, I don’t care!

So now that you’ve been so kindly reminded let’s continue shall we?

Take a sip. Let the caffeine start to take effect. You’ll think my post is better, maybe you’ll even remember to respond to me, it’s a win-win. Slurp it up. I’ll wait.


This week I wanted to talk about planning. And no, not about my plan-ner (although I carry mine everywhere and stare at it 10 times a day to keep my head on straight). I’m talking about plan-ning.

You know, for the future and stuff.

Because you want to know my thoughts?

Um, well, I kind of don’t. Like at all.

And don’t get me wrong I have like a basic outline and goals that float around in my brain. I want to be married and pop out some babies and have wheelchair races in the retirement home and all that fun stuff. I just don’t know when.

So that got me thinking… How do you plan?

Do you have a basic outline for your life? Or do you like KNOW what you want to do and when you want to do it? Or do you have no outline at all?

And even more interesting to me – do you have age restrictions? You know… Move here at 28, married by 30, babies by 35, reach this career goal by 40? Or are you just kinda like eh, if it happens it happens.

You guys… I think I’m the 2nd one.

I think a lot of this came from randomly moving to Chicago. I had plans. And ages things SHOULD happen by. And all the restrictions and ideas. But then it just didn’t happen that way. And I realized it probably never would happen the way I expected it to or planned for. So I just kind of gave up on the whole age limit thing.

Plus… If you are a planner, did it work out like you thought? I seriously want to know – this isn’t a trick question where you’ll tell me and I’ll say “When you plan, God laughs!” Or something. Sometimes it seems like people make plans and they actually work out just fine.

Anyway I find this all really interesting so I want to know your stories!

Seriously. Keep drinking that coffee until you’re so buzzed you call me like “HEY WHATS UP JUST A LITTLE HYPER LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY PLANZZZ.”

Actually I think that may require some cocktails. Should we turn this from a coffee talk into a happy hour? Wine instead of ‘Bucks? I know you’re kind of digging this idea, don’t lie!

So tell me… How do you plan? Or do you plan at all? Tell me everything! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fun pics from the lakefront PLUS I’m finally linking my cute new tote & favorite new jeans. I know, I’m sure you can’t wait right?! Xo.



My Newest Obsession: The Low Bun

You guys. I have a pretty serious announcement to make. I have been rocking the topknot since before the topknot was cool. And I used to get some harmless teasing on this (I’m looking at you, Brooke Ann Embry! LOL). But I have always loved it. Every day, when I get home from work, it’s the first thing I do. I’ve even created my own cowlicks in the back of my head due to these bad boys happening daily.

I’m here to tell you now. The topknot is out.

I know. I heard your collective gasps all the way here in Chicago.

Have no fear friends because I’m predicting the 2nd coming of the topknot. The Low Bun.

Hear me out.

The Low Bun has 100% become my new favorite hairstyle. First of all – it’s so easy. Second of all – it’s super versatile. You can look super polished with a sleek low bun, or rough it up a little bit and pull out some baby hairs for a boho vibe. Third of all – it is the saving grace for 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) day hair because it hides all the grease and craziness.

I seriously think I’ve worn one at least 5x a week for the past month. Especially with this late summer humidity it really keeps my hair from looking like I just stuck my finger in a light socket and/or rubbed a balloon for 20 minutes straight.

So. With that being said. I think I have kind of perfected it. *Flips hair over shoulder* And since I love you guys I guess I will share my secrets. Hehe. Jk. I was going to share no matter what. This was literally the point of me writing this post.

My favorite low-bun look is a combo of polish & boho. I don’t want to look like Mrs. Trunchbull but I also just can’t pull of the total boho vibe without looking like I’ve been up for 3 days straight sans coffee.

STEP 1: Part your hair.

Notice I didn’t start Step 1 with washing your hair, because I am a true believer this can be done with perfectly clean hair or day 4 hair or whatever kind of hair you’re working with.

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STEP 2: Dirty it up.

If your hair is clean, use a combination of texturizing spray on your ends (this one is my favorite and so cheap!) & dry shampoo at your roots to give it that messy-chic look. If your hair is already dirty enough, feel free to skip this step. But trust me, a little texturizing spray on your ends will help it hold.

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STEP 3: Twist your hair into bun.

I basically just grab my hair at the nape of my neck, and twist it around itself until my hair is twisted until the ends. Then I take the twisted ponytail and wrap it around the base until all the little hairs are tucked in.

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STEP 4: Secure with a hair tie ONLY.

That’s right. No bobby pins. The texturizing spray will help with this. Honestly, you will look like a ballerina if you use bobby pins. And not in a good way.

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STEP 5: Fluff near the part & pull out some baby hairs.

Mess it up just enough that you don’t look too perfectly kept.

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STEP 6: Rock it.

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I promise you will not be disappointed with this hairstyle.

So tell me… what’s your go-to hairstyle after a couple of no-wash days? Do you rock the low bun already? Do you think I’m wrong about the topknot? Tell me everything! Guess what tomorrow is?!?! COFFEE TALK. I have a good one. Grab your coffee and be ready at 8 AM! (That’s central time, Phaedra Hope.) See you then! Xo.



Traveling For Work (Without Totally Ruining Your Diet)

Hey guys! How is everyone doing today?! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m currently in St. Louis. No, I haven’t seen the arch yet (sad face) but hopefully after work I can do a little more exploring. Fingers crossed!


My original plan today was to start my Bowl of the Week series and share some fun bowl recipes because I’ve had a ton of requests for this. So I want to start this up next week when I’m back at home (and back to meal prepping!). But today I wanted to talk about what is super relevant for me this week: how do I eat healthy when I’m traveling for work? 

Anyone who has traveled for work feels my pain on this, right?!

Traveling for work makes healthy eating really inconvenient. Since you’re there to work (obviously) there are time constraints that make it difficult to sit down for a real meal, pressures to join your coworkers for pizza and drinks during happy hour, and on top of that, you’re in an unfamiliar area so it’s even harder to find a healthy meal even if you wanted one.

I think the best way to travel for work without totally ruining your diet is pretty simple: You really have to try.

I know, I know, this isn’t groundbreaking stuff but I feel like it needs to be said. I’m going to be blunt here. Just stop making excuses and genuinely try. Invest in your health. Think about your long term goal. And think about how crappy you’ll feel when you get back and have eaten horribly all week (on top of being exhausted).

Yes, it’s easy to jump into the shorter McDonald’s line at the airport and grab a McGriddle. But you need to plan healthy eating into your day and make it a priority when you’re traveling.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and get to the airport with time to stand in the mile-long Starbucks line for something a little healthier. Research restaurants around your hotel, or conference center, or office to plan your lunch or dinner ahead of time. When your coworkers invite you to happy hour, yes of course you should go (don’t be a weirdo) but order a light cocktail or one glass of wine and a healthy appetizer. So many restaurants now cater to the “healthy” market, you can typically at least snack on some hummus and veggies.

And if your coworkers give you a hard time? They’re probably just self-conscious about what they’re eating. Nobody likes to eat nachos alone.

But for real. Keep your hands out of the nachos. I know you can do it.

Here are some ways I’ve stayed healthy during this trip, and maybe it will give  you some ideas on how to plan ahead for your next work trip!


What I ate: Starbuck’s Blueberry Oatmeal & Blonde Roast coffee (black)

Why I ate it: I can’t eat dairy so eating breakfast on-the-go is really tough for me. Pretty much everything available for a quick breakfast has cheese on it. So I opt for the Starbucks oatmeal because it’s super filling & a great source of fiber, and best of all, it’s made with water so it’s a delicious dairy-free breakfast! I throw some blueberries on top, too, for some added antioxidants. Oh and my coffee? I always drink it black. I know, it’s not fun or nearly as Instagrammable as the Pink Drink but it gets the job done. If I had to add a sweetener I would opt for raw sugar or Truvia. Please don’t drink fake sugar. It literally makes me cringe.

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Morning Snack

What I ate: Grapes, cashews & a banana.

Why I ate it: First of all, building snacks into your day is a major key (omg I can’t believe I just said that) to staying healthy on-the-go, because it helps prevent hanger attacks and impulsive decisions. Plus, after a flight, nothing tastes better than some water-filled fruit like grapes to rehydrate me. But I also like to mix in some protein-packed nuts (cashews are my fave) so it’s a little more substantial. The banana is thrown in my purse for an emergency snack. Sometimes you just can’t plan when you’ll have your next meal, so if hanger strikes, just reach in your bag for your banana!

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What I ate: A bowl (duh) from Crazy Bowls & Wraps with organic quinoa, grilled chicken, mixed veggies, and an olive oil, herb, and lime sauce

Why I ate it: You know I live for bowls. So when I’m traveling for work I do my research. Instead of making an impulsive decision on lunch after a 2-hour meeting where your stomach is growling louder than the person talking, look up your lunch spot ahead of time so you don’t have any excuses. If I’m in a city I’ve never been to, I like to Yelp it. I search “fast-casual” and typically a ton of nearby options come up. That way, I can browse menus and plan ahead. This place was right up my alley.

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Afternoon Snack

What I ate: Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar

Why I ate it: I love these bad boys. They’re minimal-ingredient, minimal-processing, throw-in-your-bag-and-go lifesavers. Plus the peanuts pack protein and they’re just filling enough to get me to the next meal. I buy them before my trip and pack them in my purse.

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What I ate: “Naked” grilled salmon, button mushrooms, and sautéed spinach from Stoney River.

Why I ate it: Ok before you judge my bougie dinner, the restaurant is in my hotel, ok??? Any time I have to eat dinner out, I try to stick with the same combo: a lean meat, a green, and another veggie. Whether you’re able to pick your dinner spot, or you have to entertain clients or dine with co-workers, this is always a safe bet. I will never be the girl who tells you to order a salad – you’ll be hungry in your hotel room within an hour and reaching for the mini fridge snacks. Feed yourself!

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All Day

What I drank: WATER.

Why I drank it: It’s so important to rehydrate after flying. It will keep your energy levels high and your skin from looking haggard and dull. Pack some electrolyte tablets and your Contigo and you will be all set. Be sure to drink at least 2 extra glasses (or one Contigo refill) more than your usual amount to make up for the lack of hydration. Please note: This is a TWB suggestion, with little to no scientific backing. LOL. But it helps keep me hydrated!

So tell me… how do you stay healthy while you’re traveling for work? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Tell me everything! I will be back tomorrow with my new favorite hairstyle and some amazing pics from the lakefront! (I shared a sneak peek in my new profile pic on this page!) You won’t want to miss it! Xo.



Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi sweet friends! How was everyone’s week?! I’m currently fighting against the O’Hare Wifi trying to crank out this post before a board another plane! Procrastination at its finest of course… Hehe. Whoops…


The past few weeks I’ve used Mondays to talk about MOTIVATION and get you excited to start your week! It was a fun run, but to be honest I’m just not feeling it as much anymore. So I’m going to switch it up a little bit. Last week I took a little break from publishing new posts and it felt great to get back on schedule and not feel like I’m always running behind. I took the time to wake up early, schedule posts, and come up with some fun new content for you guys!

Today I’m going to share a quick little wrap-up of my weekend!

This weekend consisted of…

Going back to blonde.

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I asked for ashy blonde balayge and my girl Kelly at Milio’s delivered per usual. I know my hair was still technically blonde but I grew out my roots for 3 months (!!!) to get it prepped for the balayage highlights. I’m obsessed. Maybe I will do a post soon on how I got my hair ready for balayage? Hmm…

Having a rainy coffee date.

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At Heritage. My favorite. It’s so cozy in there. Plus I finally broke down and bought the Heritage tee that I’ve been lusting over. I will be sharing soon! Along with my brown leather tote in the pic above!

Getting my ear pierced. Again.

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Notice it’s just “EAR” lol. I got my third piercing done on my left side this weekend. And I actually love it! A group of us promised our bestie Jordan Shull that if she moved here we would get it done. So this Saturday we went down to Claire’s like 10-year-olds and got them pierced! Only one of us held the bear. I swear it wasn’t me. (Shop my wishbone earrings & cute gold hexagons).

Eating way too much Thai food at a NEW Thai spot.

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My coworker swears by Thai Spice. It’s run by an Austrian man (who is SO nice) and his Thai wife who does ALL of the cooking (pretty impressive, right?!) and it’s honestly amazing. I had the panang noodle, extra crispy, with chicken. It’s a little bit pricier than my absolute fave, Namo, but the portions make up for it! (And P.S. there are no pics of the food because you know that good panang curry isn’t exactly picturesque lol).

Having a little lakefront photoshoot.

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Y’all. Ben is getting way too good at taking photos. We had an amazing little photoshoot down by the lake front, and I’m sharing the pics this week and I CANNOT WAIT!

Here’s a little sneak peek. See him in there?! (Shop my sunglasses here).

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So tell me… how was your weekend?! Was it everything and more? Did you do anything fun, try anything new?! Tell me everything! I will be back tomorrow talking about eating healthy during travel… You won’t want to miss it! Xo.