coffee talk: home reveal + a new chapter

    Hi sweet friends!!! How are you today?!

    I am finallyyyyy sharing some pictures of my new place. But that would take all of 3 seconds for you to scroll through, so while you do, I’m going to talk about something kind of totally different.

    So you’re probably wondering what I mean in my title by a new chapter, right?

    Yeah. Well. Let’s take a collective sip of coffee because it’s not really good news for le blog.

    You guys. I tried. I really did. But honestly I’m so over it right now. I’m over all of it. I’m over Instagram, I’m over blogging, I’m over affiliate stuff, I’m over it all.

    I took a break a few weeks ago to slow down, come back, rebrand a little bit. I thought it would help and I thought it would reignite my flame. And it did for a solid, solid week. But then it left just as quickly as it came. When I took a break, I really saw life without blogging in it, and it felt way too good.

    I recently went to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling very well (SUPER foggy-brained, no energy at all, and to top it off I’d been gaining some weight). So we did a ton of blood tests and basically I was completely healthy. So my doctor and I talked about the rest of my life and what might be causing me to be a foggy-brained hot mess (my words, not hers lol). She told me to close my eyes and just listen and tell her the first thing that came to my mind.

    I told her I just felt really, really anxious. And when we got to the root of it, my blog was a huge cause of a lot of anxiety. We talked a lot about perfectionism and how it’s affecting me. And my blog also sometimes brings out those feelings of perfectionism and it’s not really helping.

    Then I stumbled upon this quote.

    Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” · Whitson Gordon

    It really, completely hit home for me. We make things so complicated sometimes when really they’re so simple. And in this case I just need to strip it down to its basics: the blog has been stressing me out and it hasn’t been fun and I need to move on.

    I’m still keeping the blog open, I’m not like shutting it down or anything. And I really might be back with some coffee talks every now and then. But as for THE Windy Blonde?

    I’m just going back to being JILL.

    Seriously. Even on my Instagram (@jillgreen_)

    And my plans are to focus on my personal life and my hobbies. I’ve actually started to pick up the momentum quite a bit with my photography (so if you need some pics, totally feel free to hit me up). And at the request of some of my friends I am MORE than happy to help you shop for and/or decorate your house (not kidding at all, if someone actually wants to hire me for this I would be probably the happiest person in the world).

    But other than that you can find me at my happiest place: at home, with some coffee in hand, in my pajamas, covered in blankets, and probably watching It’s Complicated.

    So thank you all for your love and support, and hopefully you’ll still follow along on my day-to-day life on Insta.  Cheers babes! Xo.


    (Also: since I know you will ask – you can shop my pieces below – none are affiliate links, but in case you were curious! xoxo)

    (Also, also: I found this apartment by stalking Craigslist. Seriously. I knew exactly where I wanted to live so every day I logged on, switched it to the map view, and checked every apartment in the ‘hood. Then when this one popped up I was the first to reach out and that’s how we got it!)

    Couch (fabric is Bull Natural)Coffee TableGray ReclinerMint Green Pillow CoverGold SkullWoven RugSheepskin RugCopper Tray Chicago Wooden ScriptKentucky Poster